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Fable - To Glory Unknown

To Glory Unknown
by Garrett Davis at 31 March 2017, 11:20 PM

“To Glory Unknown” is the debut album from the Australian Black Pagan Folk Metal duo FABLE. With four instrumental tracks on display here, almost half of the album is without vocals. While I found the album enjoyable and worth listening to, it just didn’t bring anything very unique or powerful; it simply didn’t stick with me or make me feel like running out to spend a few bucks on it.

Jumping right into it, the intro track “Victory” is almost pure Folk music; like something from a fantasy novel come to life. Bird calls and nature sounds lead into woodwind instruments and what I would guess is a tambourine, but an orchestral accompaniment also joins in. This first track is an instrumental and while it won’t do much for many Metal heads, its a nice start if you enjoy a wide variety of music. “The Star Road” brings more fanciful elements and quickly introduces the electric guitars and growling, screeching vocals. The latter is definitely a more Pagan Metal offering than its predecessor, and is much more representative of what you can expect for the rest of the album.

Wilderfolk” focuses on more of that quiet, introspective Pagan sound, with natural sounds making way for heavier vocals and smooth guitar work, but continuing in the background as an accompaniment. “Dawn Avast” is an adventure all of its own, with the gritty bleakness of Black Metal and a staccato riff throughout pounding like hoofbeats. While not exactly mind-blowing, it’s a pretty good track that stuck with me a little longer than the others.

Guardians”and “No Tears for the Past” are back-to-back instrumentals. “Guardians” has these mystical tones that I couldn’t quite place to an instrument - I’m guessing they were synthesized and sound a bit like raindrops landing on glass. “No Tears for the Past” has a reflective tone; it’s a steady track that keeps fairly consistent until the final minute, where there are a few harder riffs scattered around. It makes the track itself a bit more interesting but that seems to be their only purpose, as they don’t alter anything and the mellow track continues exactly as it is.

Autumn Winds” showcases some deep, resonant chanting that makes it a bit more unique; it definitely has a somber tone that works really well. The closing track “Twilight” uses what sounds like clapping to set the tempo for this reserved and disquieting instrumental piece. While it isn’t creepy or disturbing, there is something really furtive and withdrawn about the final track as though it is retreating from this fantastical world of Pagan dieties.

I’m not typically into instrumental-heavy albums, but for Pagan Death metal band FABLE, I’ll make an exception. If you are interested in more, since “To Glory Unknown” was released, FABLE have also produced a compilation album and a short EP, as well as their second full-length album “The Red Road West”.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. Victory
  2. The Star Road
  3. Wilderfolk
  4. Thane of Swans
  5. Dawn Avast
  6. Guardians
  7. No Tears for the Past
  8. Autumn Winds
  9. Twilight
Jack Russ – Drums
Lian Hamilton - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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