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Faces of Eve - The Story So Far

Faces of Eve
The Story So Far
by Matt Coe at 06 July 2015, 6:50 AM

The UK quartet FACES OF EVE began in 2013, but I’m struggling to find much in the way of background information to fill in the historical landscape for this act. Judging the band on the 6 tracks at hand, “The Story So Far” is an EP that may be described as Progressive or Technical Metal by their PR firm, but all I hear is an amalgamation of Modern influences and Metalcore, albeit played with a decent level of skill in comparison to most.

You’ll hear odd narrative elements in more of a distorted manner to open “Temporal Rotunda”, but then the Dan Sloane guitar bends and squeals take control, the rhythm section developing a low-end Nu-Metal groove that has occasional Djent /off tempo gallop while Benjamin Fordham Black uses more of his melodic, clean range throughout. I suppose if you love ALEXISONFIRE, CIRCLES, and a small touch of PERIPHERY these 6 songs may pique your interest- my problem is there isn’t much here that is very original in terms of their output, execution, or delivery. Everything seems very rhythmically based from the guitar refrains to double bass drumming, driving parts of “Feed” and “Dwellers” to an echoing stage in my brain that makes me numb.

The younger generation likes this Groove-oriented low-end slam with off-time guitar/drum action, but it doesn’t really do much for my tastes. It’s a style that just wears thin because a lot of the sound just has a repetitive squealing or thump nature – whereas my preferences lie in gaining distinction through individual ideas for development through the art of songwriting. Give me BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME or even PERIPHERY over this any day of the week. “The Story So Far” leaves FACES OF EVE in need of a better tale to tell.

1 Star Rating

1. For My Fallen Heroes
2. Feed
3. Crime of Passion
4. Temporal Rotunda
5. One Man Show
6. Dwellers
Benjamin Fordham Black - Vocals
Dan Sloane - Guitar
Oliver Jones - Drums
Alistair Hines- Bass
Record Label: Independent


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