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Facing Fear - Metal Marginal Award winner

Facing Fear
Metal Marginal
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 02 May 2022, 2:37 PM

Brazil is a fertile land for Metal bands, but due to facts in the Metal scene, just few of them can earn international recognition. I’m not saying that ANGRA, SEPULTURA, KRISIUN or others aren’t good, but there are some that are really amazing and the foreign fans don’t have access to the due the lack of divulgation. One of these names that have an amazing musical potential is FACING FEAR, a Metal quartet that hails from Rio de Janeiro, and is releasing another very good album, “Metal Marginal”.

If on “Anna Jansen” (the previous album) the band showed musical work based on a Old School Heavy Metal form (with clear influences of JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and ACCEPT), as the band evolved, now they keep things in such way, but gathering accessible influences earned from Hard Rock and Glam Metal. The energy, weight and melodies of the album will take you mind to the age when albums as “Screaming for Vengeance”, “Metal Health”, “Wheels of Steel”, “The Ultimate Sin” and “Metal Heart” were praised, but with and actualized and fresh approach that’s full of life. These guys aren’t kidding at all!

The band evolved, and in such way, the sound quality improved as well. Jhoannes Cardoso (who produced the album) did a very good work, turning things clean and defined, allowing the fans to have the clear idea of what the band is trying to express in each song. It’s trying to have a handmade appeal, but with a modern definition. And the band had some invited guests on “Metal Marginal”: Jëy Douglas plauing the bass guitar parts, Pablo Diego (do LUDMILLA) on the drums on “Figthing Game” e “That’s How Life Flows”, Jay Roxx (SIXTY-NINE CRASH) on the vocals on “Music Hero”, Jorge Veloso on the guitar solo on “Music Hero”, Valcir Júnior on the guitar solo on “Marginal Metal” and “Don’t Wanna See”, (AMBUSH) on the vocals on “Likers and Lovers”, Rod Wolf (LYRIA and OMNI GEAR) on the guitar solo on “Likers and Lovers”, Kelly Hipólito (BLIXTEN) on the vocals on “I’m Crazy”, Luo Campanelly on the guitar solo on “I’m Crazy”, Jhoannes Cardoso on the vocals on “I’m Crazy”, and Marcus Prates (STEEWILD) on the vocals on “We Need Money”. And the artwork created by Eduardo Untura is showing a manifest against the Brazilian president.

All the songs are really excellent, but for a first time on this album, “We Will Arrive” (a Heavy Metal song filled with an accessible and melodic sense similar to the one used by DEF LEPPARD on “Pyromania” days, especially on the guitars), “Fighting Game” another very good song, filled with weight and melodies, and with vocals in a ‘halfordian’ way), “Marginal Metal” (very good Arena Rock touches, and what heavy rhythm created by bass guitar and drums), “Likers and Lovers” (that is filled by that melodic weight similar to German Metal bands as ACCEPT), “I’m Crazy” (a typical Heavy Metal hymn in the vein of the old days, with amazing vocals and heavy melodies in a TWISTED SISTER’s way, and with a very cool video), “Don’t Wanna See” (an introspective song., showing the versatility of the quartet), and “We Need Money” (with that mix between melodies and weight usual for US Metal bands as OMEN, BITCH, RUTHLESS, LIZZY BORDEN and MALICE) are the right ones to get addicted on the album. This is what can be called as evolution, and you can listen to the album here:

After hearing to “Metal Marginal”, it’s clear that the quartet is on a musical level to become great and leave the limits of the Brazilian Metal scene. Just listen to what FACING FEAR is offering to you, and you won’t regret the experience.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. We Will Arrive
2. Fighting Game
3. Music Hero
4. Marginal Metal
5. Likers and Lovers
6. I’m Crazy
7. Don’t Wanna See
8. That’s How Life Flows
9. We Need Money
10. The Child
11. The Last Dance
Terry Painkiller - Vocals
Raphael Dantas - Guitars
John Killesh - Guitars
Vall Maranhão - Drums
Record Label: Classic Metal Records


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