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Fagus - Inter

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 March 2023, 2:43 PM

When people deal with Old School Black Metal forms, some commit a great mistake: rely their trust solely on a filthy sonority (an inheritance given by VENOM), forgetting completely that filth isn’t an important sound feature (as tremolo picking). A Black Metal band can record in a clean way and it still is still Black Metal, or can do it in a filthy way either. Music is important and above the sonority (even when some features can seem a part of the whole thing). But it’s possible to have an Old School Black Metal approach and use a better sonority, as the German quartet FAGUS shows on “Inter”, the band’s first full-length. When dealing with “Inter” songs, the fans will have the perception of dealing with a band from the early days of the 90’s Black Metal invasion (1993 and 1994, the years when the genre became famous), keeping the same elements of those days (funereal ambiences, sharp and darkened instrumental parts, traditional shrieks of the genre, the usual).

But pay attention and some morbid and dusty melodies can be heard filling the due spaces, creating an atmospheric and crude appeal. Again: this form of music was used many times in the past, but’s good to hear it again in the hands of a band that knows how important is to bear an identity, that works on a personal form. The recordings, mixing and mastering of “Inter” were done at Iguana Studios, and all was done by the hands of Christoph Brandes. The idea was to make an ‘update’ to the old forms of the past, keeping its primordial elements (as the so loved filthy and crude feeling), but in a form that sounds understandable to the ears. It’s really a very good result.

The quartet focuses its energies on a classic Black Metal way (as the words above state clear), keeping some classic German Black Metal elements. And to have a deep and clear idea of their talent, take a bit on “Aurora” (a song full of contrasts of ambiences, based on some simple tempos and aggressive high-tuned shrieks of the vocals), “Neptun I” (a funereal and oppressive melodic ambience is presented to the fans, creating that gasping feeling that Old School Black Metal imposes, and bass guitar and drums works in a very good way on the rhythmic contrasts), “Tyche” (a long song filled with excellent atmospheric keyboards that tempers its graven aggressiveness, and what very good guitars arrangements), and “Zerfall des Lichts”, the right ones for a first ride.

For Black Metal fans of the 90’s, “Inter” will have a special appeal. And FAGUS is welcome, for sure they are!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Aurora
2. Neptun I
3. Tyche
4. Jenseits des Höhenzugs
5. Zerfall des Lichts
6. Et In Arcadia Ego
Vo1D - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Siȝht - Lead Guitar
Morguz - Bass
Triton - Drums
Record Label: Silent Future Recordings


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