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Faidra - Six Voices Inside

Six Voices Inside
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 February 2020, 2:30 AM

With very little information on their Facebook page, and no webpage or an entry on Encyclopaedia Metallum, all I know about the band FAIDRA is that they are an Atmospheric Black Metal band, from? I suppose we will need to let the music do the talking here. “Six Voices Inside” appears to be their debut release, and contains six tracks.

“A Pack Amongst Wolves” opens the album. It opens with somber tones and the big crash of drums and cymbals. It’s a slow moving track with undiscernible vocal wails. “The Depths” opens with a big guitar sound and a slightly faster pace. Despondent and desolate tones abound. The key to the sound here is the use of guitars with fairly sparse vocals. “Obsequies” is another slow, grinding song painting a picture of utter isolation and hopelessness. It pauses just after the half-way mark for some light atmosphere, keys, and whispers. “Tomb of Giants” opens with some clean guitar tones and then the “mastodonian” weight drops. It’s very slow and crushing.  The vocals sound like tortured wails of a soulless man.

“The Judas Cradle” opens with a heavy guitar notes and similar slow pacing as the previous tracks. The slow but heavy guitars create a mesmerizing sound that just keeps going. “Six Voices Inside” closes the album. Opening softly and gently at first, it takes about a minute before the main sound drops. Again, it’s another lumbering track that relies mostly on the guitars to move the desolate vision forward. Some ominous moaning/chanting gives the song a little variation, but overall many of the tracks sounded the same. The album is really good at drilling desolation into your mind with six lengthy, heavy and solemn songs. But it gets a bit repetitive after a while. A little variation might go a long way on their next album.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. A Pact Amongst Wolves
2. The Depths
3. Obsequies
4. Tomb of Giants
5. The Judas Cradle
6. Six Voices Inside
Record Label: Northern Silence Productions


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