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Faith Collapsing - Lost

Faith Collapsing
by VR at 13 December 2016, 1:43 PM

In the late 80's and the early 90's, it was almost impossible not to be influenced by the Bay Area Thrash sounds that were championed by the likes of METALLICA, MEGADETH, and TESTEMENT, among others. Formed in the year 1990 in Wilmington North Carolina, FAITH COLLAPSING belongs to that era of furious Thrash Metal where frenzied guitar riffs, collided with attitude in profusion, and masterful lead guitar solos. The band was influenced heavily by the aforementioned giants of aggressive sounds and went about writing canticles revolving around themes like war, the Government, and struggles of man. This particular album was released way back in 1995 and has now been re-issued by the record company, with a few demos thrown in. The band continues to be active to this day.

The onset of "Closure" is accompanied by a guitar riff right out of the Thrash Metal handbook and is lead by angry, irate lyrics. The track seems to lose steam in between before furious power chords jump into the fray and insolently jabs the melody to move along at double time. There is a twin guitar assault, as well, with the latter half of the song noticeably heavier than the first half of the track. "Reluctant Messiah" is another one of the tracks that begins with a riff that just does not relent. The track has more of a SLAYER feel to it with constant chugging and wild chaotic lead guitar solos and its a track about a, well, reluctant messiah. "Never Control" is an actually, ever so slightly, controlled track with a brilliant riff to start off with. Again, the song sounds clichéd and is firmly set in the 90's with its arrangements. A 5 minute long saga about rebellion and attitude, it is extremely engaging and has loads of headbangable moments.

"Razor Eater" reminded me of  "Desperate Cry" by the Brazilian Metal lords, SEPULTURA, in the way the song is structured. In fact, the vocalist even sings the track in a guttural fashion that the Cavalera growler is known for. The song has a strangely mellow lead guitar solo that also feels out of tune in places.

"Turning To Lies" is as soothing as it is clever. An instrumental song clocking just less than 3 minutes, it has an astute melody. The song is an acoustic ballad with twin guitar melodies. "Lost", the title track, takes off just as the soothing acoustic number leaves the air with crushing riffs, raging vocals, and is complimented by competent drumming. An eloquent lead solo in between gives the song a good balance. The downside is that the song wavers in timing, and the ending feels like a drag.

The band has made a good solid record with first-rate melodies and is perfect for somebody who wants to do a jump backwards in time. The album is rife with sounds from that era, and for a consumer of Thrash Metal, it holds no surprises at all. I suppose there are fans of the band from way back when and I can take a guess that it is this fan base that would be very excited to see the re-issue of this album. The rest of the Metal world should give the album a listen and reminisce over the days of wild long hair and rabid headbanging. I quite liked the album with its agreeable riffs, proficient lead solos, and a dynamite lead vocalist.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Closure
2. Meditation In Evil
3. Loss Of Another
4. Reluctant Messiah
5. Never Control
6. Razor Eater
7. Turning To Lies
8. Lost
9. Consumed In Flames
10. Remove The Mask
11. Prodigal Son (Lost unreleased track)
12. The Whisper (The Whisper demo)
13. The Last Temptation (The Whisper demo)
14. Deceived (The Whisper demo)
15. Heretic (The Whisper demo)
Jay Flowers - Vocals
Mike Brown - Guitars
Jeremy Spilby - Drums
Tony Colucci - Guitars
Brent Fig Newton - Bass
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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