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Faith And Fire - Accelerator (CD)

Faith And Fire
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 February 2007, 4:51 PM

I've been waiting for a long time for this one. An - yes - it was due to the re-appearance of Tony Moore, one of the most brilliant singers I've listened to in my entire 'album audition' career…Even if the man has only appeared in the classic RIOT albums Thundersteel (1988) and The Privilege Of Power (1990). An astonishing voice coming back in year 2006 with a band and an album title (both) quite promising…
Mike Flyntz is no stranger to RIOT fans, either. Credited with his worx at the classic American Metal act's recordings from 1994's Nightbreaker and onwards, Flyntz (and Moore) put the songwriting duties in his arms - well, along with bassist Danny Miranda (deeds with BLUE OYSTER CULT and QUEEN feat. PAUL RODEGERS complete his portfolio) - while credited with RAINBOW and MEAT LOAF skinsman John Miceli completed the quartet's lineup. Most of the tunes is said to origin from 2002 - the time the band(?) took shape - hence it is not clear enough if we're talkin' 'bout a 'normal' band or an 'one-off' project. Time (or sales) will tell…
The production of Accelerator turned out to be the most crucial factor regarding FAITH AND FIRE's proposal. The 'moody' output, a mix of the average RIOT recording plus hints from late 70s/early 80s Hard Rock sounds, did surprise me a lot in the first place but - eventually - seems to be the thing the band wanted to expose in total. Meaning: one Tony Moore singing does not (should not, also) mean - nearly twenty years after Thundersteel's release - Accelerator is set to be a storming US Power/Speed Metal killer. Reminder: Thundersteel obviously kicks major ass but it is not a typical RIOT album.
Thus, Accelerator is suitably presented by its production. A fine early 80s Hard Rock (and 'on-the-edge-of-being-Metal') album with excellent guitar melodies (neoclassical at times), surprisingly weak (is it the mix, that much?) rhythm section duties and warm vocals by a 'mature' Tony Moore. Hell yeah, the man could easily be the RIOT singer for both 1976's Narita and 2006's Army Of One, by listening to his performance on cuts like Breathe, Ready and Avenue Z. His singing is certainly emotional, autobiographic (I can imagine) at times and only sporadically outbursting (see for e.g. Fallen and America, a Speed Metal suepernova). It's a shame the morose production does not 100% unfold his will, along with the - I hope - powerful instrumentation of the rest of the band.
The fact that my 'retro' brain cells accepted the Accelerator suggestion does not necessarily means the juvenile fans will find real interest. To the 'classic' Metal fans, in oppose, it's a really remarkable move for FAITH AND FIRE and Tony Moore in personal, who proves to be an-all-around grewat vocalist. Lots of pre-Thundersteel era RIOT style lurks in here; add a good doze of hardrockin' 80s RAINBOW and BLUE OYSTER CULT and just recall the year now running (the later referring to your personal needs). The album is a 'retro' gem in my ears, though…

3 Star Rating

Radio Superstar
Faith And Faire
Avenue Z
Mike Flyntz - Guitars
Tony Moore - Vocals
John Miceli - Drums
Danny Miranda - Bass
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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