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Faithsedge - The Answer Of Insanity

The Answer Of Insanity
by Yngwieviking at 12 August 2014, 4:26 PM

The second album “The Answer of Insanity” by Italo/American supergroup/project built around veterans of Melodic Rock scene under the FAITHSEDGE moniker, is a surprisingly energetic slice of Hard Rock both modern and traditional. It is a strong step forward, their first self titled album in 2011 was a good, but quite regular piece of music influenced by the sound of the 80’. It was executed flawlessly, but nothing was groundbreaking or earthshaking in the end!

In early September, their sophomore album will be unleashed in the streets and you should be warned, because while keeping their obvious sense of the melodic hook and their original style (“Revolve My World” & ”Until Your Home”), FAITHSEDGE is showing a new ferocious side, with an harder & heavier approach, with some sharpened guitar riffs and a much fighting spirit than their debut CD. A new aggressive tendency which is a real surprise and a spray of fresh air.

The production handled by Bassist Fabrizio Grossi (ex-STARBREAKER / ex-ALICE COOPER / LESLIE WEST), is better than ever, giving an extra sonic space for the famous axe hero Alex DeRosso (exDOKKEN / exPERFECT WORLD / SHADOW FADE) and his tasteful chops. But most of all a new enlightenment on the skilled Lead Singer/Mastermind Giancarlo Floridia, his superb vocal performance is the revelation of the whole disc, with a great range and a style right between Michael Eden (exEDEN’S CURSE) and C.J.Snare (FIREHOUSE / RUBICON CROSS) .

This perfect balance and this characteristic tone with a huge live feel is also a fine way to appreciate the fullness of the tight rythmic duo, a solid core with some impressive interaction (“The Way I Have To Let You Go”) and a few amazing fills between the fat vintage booming bass and the hard hitting skin & sticks (“Comes Crashing Down”) courtesy of their versatile drummer : l’imponente Tony Morra (exVAN ZANT).

Once again the songwriting task is not neglected (“Pray For This”), but the new focus and the direct/kick-ass method is helping the whole disc to reach a new level of power in tracks such as “Destroy You”!

My first impression was reinforced by many spins to conclude to the fact that the new Opus by FAITHSEDGE is providing an unexpected perspective. Definitely a must have for the fans of dynamic Hard Rock with a real cutting edge and tons of melodic gimmicks, performed by a skilled bunch of musicians at the top of their respective game!

4 Star Rating

1. Now I Know The Truth
2. Revolve My World
3. The Way I Have To Let You Go
4. Are We Gonna Stand?
5. Comes Crashing Down
6. Saving Anything
7. Pray For This
8. Until Your Home
9. When I Lost You
10. Destroy You
11. Vengeance
Giancarlo Floridia – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Alex DeRosso – Lead Guitars
Fabrizio Grossi – Bass
Tony Morra – Drums
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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