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Fake Healer - Two Worlds

Fake Healer
Two Worlds
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 June 2016, 5:23 PM

Out of the ashes of one of the potential to rise Melodic Metal bands in the local scene, FROZEN TEARS, emerged a new beast in the land of the boot. With enough experience to virtually continue previous ventures of the same fashion, FAKE HEALER came into existence. Actually I was a bit surprised with the name, simply one of my favorite METAL CHURCH songs, so at first I had my suspicions that it would be a rather US Metal branded release, yet I was wrong but not to my lack of fortune. Independently released, "Two Worlds" serves as a true passion for British driven Metal and Melodic Metal in overall. A fine start, but I expected more out of these veterans to be honest.

"Two Worlds" is once again another product of the unification of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, while the former gradually lead the other when it comes to influence. FAKE HEALER reflected upon the past with crispy dual guitar melodies, cliché' riffery but solidly made along with solo guitaring, which might appear lost but produced good exports. Furthermore, there is a decorously played bass lines that showed a bit more than your average rhythm section (well it is MAIDEN oriented), great skin chops and a vocal line with a crude attitude. Generally, I was less touched by the vocals, the thin line between Dickinson and Halford is noticeable, but add to it loads of Italian accent. Sometimes it sounded mechanic, too rough intonation, or plainly dreary. Sure there are golden spots, yet no absolute mark was left by the front end.

The songwriting generated several tunes worth mentioning like "Two Worlds", appeared as a soothing, quality melodic track and sung with strong passion. "Loud n' Proud" displayed as the iron leathery fist in the face of the future, a wrapped present from the past that surged to invade for a rip and tear. "Land Grabbing" a potential major hit, one of the album's heaviest and most anthem oriented tunes. Lastly there is the good vibes of the catchy number "Killing The Pain", almost vintage in its feel, quite a flair in this one.

FAKE HEALER's debut is solid with something to look forward to. I admire the following of the classics and their musical orientation but I think that they are far from showing their full swing.

3 Star Rating

1. Justice Within
2. Lonewolf
3. Two Worlds
4. Land Grabbing
5. Rats In The Den
6. The Machinist (The Groove In The Grave)
7. Killing The Pain
8. Loud n' Proud
Filippo Ferrucci – Drums
Simone Cocco – Lead Guitars
Massimiliano Dionigi - Bass
Leonardo Taiti - Guitars
Alessio Taiti - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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