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Fake Idols - Fake Idols Award winner

Fake Idols
Fake Idols
by Davide Giussani at 26 April 2014, 1:26 AM

Being Italian, I always kind of disregarded Italian Heavy Metal, just giving a real true chance to RHAPSODY OF FIRE. But after hearing this I have to say I have been wrong all the way and that I may give a chance to Italian people playing Metal because, wow, these guys really know what they're doing. First of all: FAKE IDOLS are not something new. I gave a small chance to RAINTIME, SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE and JAR OF BONES in the past and I liked some of their songs without truly enjoying them. So this band was born from the ashes of those 3 groups and now I'm here writing about their first release which is, in my opinion, something that can become a true masterpiece.

The opening track "One Way Trip" is a blast of energy with very good vocals where all the instruments blend in a powerful melody. And going on, the quality of the work is still excellent, with high energy tracks such as "Push Me Down", "Switch" and "When The Curtain Closes" and other less powerful but equally beautiful songs such as "Far From My Window" or the closing track "The Trap Of A Promise". On our hands we have a really solid work, almost perfect in its composition, really energetic and powerful, that will satisfy pretty much every listener.

I don't know how many of you know about this band, but this debut album remembers me a lot of HAIL THE VILLAIN's first album "Population: Declining". Unfortunately enough, HAIL THE VILLAIN dismembered after that work that was really full of promise. I really do hope FAKE IDOLS won't have the same future because their beautiful, powerful, energetic music is something that deserves to be continued to go on again and again and again.

5 Star Rating

1. One Way Trip
2. My Hero
3. Switch
4. Push Me Down
5. When The Curtain Closes
6. Far From My Window
7. No One
8. I Am Wrong
9. My Favourite Game
10. The Prankster
11. All My Memories
12. The Trap Of A Promise
Claudio Cossasin - Vocals
Enrico Fabris - Drums
Ivan Odorico - Guitar
Christian Tavano - Guitar
Ivo Boscariol – Bass

Mia Coldheart - Vocals (Only in My Hero)
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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