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Falconer - Among Beggars And Thieves (CD)

Among Beggars And Thieves
by Grigoris Chronis at 11 September 2008, 8:20 PM

Is FALCONER still a well kept secret in the European multi-dimensional-power Metal scene? This is their sixth full-length album (the first one to be released in vinyl format, too!) and I wonder what does the average Power Metal follower things 'bout this - in my opinion - notable act? Will Among Beggars And Thieves bring extra recognition? Does the band care much, on the other hand? Let's just push 'play' and check the vibe.
Sweden, melodies, powerful Metal with enough of folk/pomp elements, tons of twin leads, complex songwriting at times, a renaissance atmosphere, calm use of keys here and there, some language I cannot understand (Swedish?) in a couple of tracks, enough in comparison with the predecessor, 2006's Northwind, great job done again in the guitar riffs…what else? Blad is more mature ('goes' Roy Khan at times?), seems more wise in singing/narrating (the songs' structure helps so, I guess) while Carnival Of Disgust, the first video off the new album, summons many FALCONER elements someone will need to gather getting familiar with the band.
If you're looking for a journey relevant to Grime vs. Grandeur's hardened grief, then I do not think you'll 'see' much of it in Among Beggars And Thieves, except from the 'filter' inherit success. Early albums fans, too, will have to accept the consciousness of FALCONER in their recent releases; else they will not be able to reach a great climax of pleasure (since not much are the bang-along speedy parts…but they exist here, too). Among Beggars And Thieves features more diversity, in my opinion, like a bard receiving wisdom as years pass by.
FALCONER's lyrics themes, a serious matter in all of the band's works, deals here (as informed via Metal Blade's official site) with the misery, poverty and hard times of medieval Sweden. Of course, not to forget, you should accompany your audition with reading along.
Once again recorded in Andy La Rocque's studio Sonic Train, Among Beggars And thieves bears a no-doubt quality and stands tall in a series of good albums for FALCONER. This and only gives credit to a band playing music from the heart in hard times. Not the 'true Metal warriors' you'd need as a means to endless headbanging, but more of a 'medieval legends' metallic reminder of the pompous/folk side of Metal music. Dig it, now?
P.S.: Dreams And Pyres wraps up the album in the most proper way, with an 'acoustic' first part also featuring female vocals, then to unfold a pounding Metal thunder with sharp parts and theatrical refrains/bridges.

3 Star Rating

Field Of Sorrow
Man Of The Hour
A Beggar Hero
Carnival Of Disgust
Mountain Men
Viddernas Man
Pale Light Of Silver Moon
Boiling Led
Skula Skorpa, Skalk
Dreams And Pyres
Mathias Blad - Vocals, Keyboards
Stefan Weinerhall - Guitars, Keyboards
Jimmy Hedlund - Lead Guitar
Magnus Linhardt - Bass
Karsten Larsson - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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