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Falconer - Falconer (CD)

by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 01 February 2001, 1:59 AM

When I carefully listened to the sound of Falconer's guitars, I said to myself Hmm, I've heard this guitar sound before. I was right. Do you know Mithotyn? The pagan Black metallers with the Power Metal elements and the deep folk influences? Well, if you don't know, this band is history. Their last album (which was the band's third) is also their last breath as a band. Stefan Weinerhall, their guitar player, formed this Power Metal band called Falconer (nice name). It's no big surprise 'cause you could realize from the guitar sound that this guy was not meant to play Black Metal.
If you have heard of Mithotyn, it will be very easy for me to explain what these guys play. However, I guess that most of you don't know Mithotyn so i'll try the other way. Falconer play Power Metal, with very good guitar parts, nice keyboards and very good drumming. You can also find many folk elements in their music but in my opinion they should have had more of that. The vocals are not something special but when Mathias sings in a 'dark' way, they become pretty interesting. I think that they are from Sweden but they have more influences from the Italian Power Metal scene than the German or the Swedish ones. It's a good album but…. some metalheads might say It's typical Power Metal. We have heard this before and we are sure that we are going to hear it again. Well, I can't disagree with you, guys, but it's a nice effort. I have heard worst bands than Falconer been praised by the press. The lyrics now are very good and they remind me a lot the Mithotyn era. That means paganistic/epic ones. I bet you can understand that from the tracklist!
In a few words: Falconer made a very good debut album. If they become more original and if they work more on the folk parts they can make something better. They have the potentials to stand out from the crowd. If you are a Power Metal freak and you like pagan/epic stuff then you should check this out. If you are/were a Mithotyn fan and you like Power Metal then you should try them out too. Nice try guys, carry on!
P.S.: The song Mindtraveller has an AMAZING guitar intro. It really blew me away! Pretty cathcy too…

3 Star Rating

Upon The Grave Of Guilt
Heresu In Disguise
Wings Of Serenity
A Queen For The Crown
Entering Eternity
Royal Galley
Substitutional World
Lord Of The Blacksmiths
The Past Still Lives On
Mathias Blad - Vocals & Keyboard
Stefan Weinerhall- Guitars & Bass
Karsten Larsson- Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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