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Falconer - Grime Vs Grandeur (CD)

Grime Vs Grandeur
by Grigoris Chronis at 03 April 2005, 7:19 PM

Grime Vs Grandeur is Falconer's fourth studio effort. The band, formed in Sweden from the ashes of Mithotyn - had released three albums 'till then - by guitarist Stefen Weinerhall, did make remarkable impact on the European Media and fans with their previous three albums, since they were definitely NOT playing the usual teutonic Power Metal, approaching more and more the Brainstorm camp from the one side and the folk elements of Blind Guardian on the other. Let's push the start button:
The band is really capable, this is obvious from the opening Emotional Skies track, with the wonderful (case specific, to my ears) addition of female vocals in the song's chorus.
Purgatory Time reminded me a lot of Running Wild. Thus, it's a brilliant track. Next one please!
I Refuse did not make such an impression to me. Neither bad, nor good…
Humanity Overdose starts with a killer riff; Gobel's vocal lines during the verses are more based on a poetic structure, whereas the chorus features a choir - ala Blind Guardian - harmony. Great solo, backed up by stiff riff work. Also, a real nice and suitable intermezzo with traveling melodies. See? I just described five different music styles in one song. These guys are great!
The Assailant bursts out with a Grave Digger-meets-Accept dark guitar riff, while a Helloween Walls Of Jericho aura is present throughout the song. Less than 4 minutes of roaring thunder. Very good!
Power means Power and stands as my main argument why these two bands - Falconer and Brainstorm - are alike in my mind and ears. Double bass drumming, repetitive chords, piercing vocals and your head starts banging by itself. Of course, Painkiller's Priest pass through your mind… A wonderful intermezzo again, reminding me a lot of Scandinavian grass fields. Bravo!
A double lead part guides us to No Tears For Strangers; here's the living proof that the Scandinavians are multi-dimensional thinking beings. A Guardian-ish style, I confess, but with a touch of 80's era monster Rock bands like Uriah Heep or Wishbone Ash in the guitar harmonies. My favorite, 'till now…
The Return starts with a weird oriental-ish guitar riff, backed up by strange vocal melodies. Didn't like it that much, though you'd never say it stinks. Features some brutally pronounced words here and there…
A double lead part again, in Jack The Knife and Kai Hansen's Gamma Ray are easily brought in mind with this - folk, sometimes - interesting song, an amalgam of pure Metal rhythm section and parti-colored guitar chords. Interesting solo, I should add…
Last but not least, Child Of The Wild encouraged my belief that I wouldn't hear the classic last song ballad; in contrast, running like hell guitars with folk-like interludes here and there. It seems that the second part of the CD leans towards into the more flower aside of the band…
A song-by-song analysis is not my strongest weapon in a review. Still, I felt this need to approach the band's basic elements through this elementary path. I like Falconer and if you're into non-typical 90s Euro Metal you have to grab Grime Vs Grandeur by the balls (as if it had a pair)!
- Album Highlights: My insistance on trying to find out what the hell grandeur means…

4 Star Rating

Emotional Skies
Purgatory Time
I Refuse
Humanity Overdose
The Assailant
No Tears For Strangers
The Return
Jack The Knife
Child Of The Wild
Stefen Weinerhall - Guitar
Karsten Larsson - Drums
Kristoffer Gobel - Vocals
Jimmy Hedlund - Lead Guitars
Magnus Linhardt - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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