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Falcun - Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 September 2018, 6:37 AM

Where freedom exists, Metal will be there. Even in the countries we can’t imagine with a Metal scene, it will generate bands. As an old Metallian, I saw bands coming from Poland, Israel, Russian and many countries that I never expected to see a Metal band in the 80’s, when as I a teenager. But today, I’m used to see such things, even from India. And from Kolkata comes this quintet, FALCUN, coming with their first full length, called “Kingdom Come”.

They are a traditional Heavy Metal band deeply influenced by NWOBHM names, especially old IRON MAIDEN, from “Killers” and “The Number of the Beast” Times. But even with this heavy touch from the English quintet, they are able to keep us to keep us hooked to their music. You’ll feel yourself attached in a way that you can’t resist, because their melodies, choruses and all harmonic structures bring to our mind the old feeling, when the music was catching. Yes, this is a feature that isn’t easy to find today. Their main problem is attached to the sound production. Everything was done in a way to sound as raw as the old bands sounded back in the beginning of NWOBHM. They tried to be organic, but things became too crude. Ok, we can hear and understand what they are playing clearly, but a better sound quality would improve things.

On the songs, they still need to mature a bit more. But for now, songs as “A Bard’s Tale” (excellent guitar riffs and fine technique on the rhythmic session), the charming melodies of “Brotherhood of Steel”, the nasty aggressiveness that permeates “Only Be One (Millennium Tribute)” (here the raw tunes on vocals are very good), the charming raw energy presented on “Eye of the Storm” and “Knightfall” are proofs of a valuable diamond that needs to be lapidated. A good producer can improve things, but for now, “Kingdom Come” is a good release, showing that FALCUN is a promising name.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. A Bard’s Tale
2. Vixen
3. Brotherhood of Steel
4. Only Be One
5. Hymn of the Damned
6. Eye of the Storm
7. Child of Prophecy
8. Martyr
9. Knightfall
Abhishek - Vocals
Sam - Guitars
Anirban - Guitars
Rony - Bass
Bob - Drums
Record Label: Eat Metal Records


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