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Fall and Resist - Fading Cinders Award winner

Fall and Resist
Fading Cinders
by Kyle Scott at 07 January 2019, 6:41 AM

A Metalcore band from Australia, FALL AND RESIST carries you off immediately into worlds of terrible myth and beautiful carnage. Around for only a couple years, this quartet has all the qualities of a truly savage band. With more emphasis on harsh growling snarls instead of harpylike, ear-shattering screeching, FALL AND RESIST already passes the test for a good Metalcore band. This is a band for those that turn their noses to Metalcore, thinking the genre is far too watered down. Y’know, just to give them some second thoughts. Any smug sense of superiority withers to a sad husk in FALL AND RESIST’s presence.

FALL AND RESIST brings their sound to the front lines with a beautiful instrumental piece, “Life and Death” which is full of cinematic potential in the very first song off their official debut, Fading Cinders. There isn’t a lot that FALL AND RESIST leave standing in the wake of their destruction that is constantly feeding and never sated. “When Virtues Break” asks, ‘What happens to someone who cannot do what’s right without doing something very wrong?’ the dueling screams that move from one ear to the other alongside introspective interludes of Frosty and Brendon’s subdued guitars highlight the struggle of this terrible conundrum. The war within comes to a final head with “Pride and Glory” and “Stitch”. FALL AND RESIST reminds us of what horrible things humans are capable of when pushed to our limits and had our core beliefs challenged; suddenly, it is war. “Stitch” in particular grimly reminds us of the violence that leads to gross self-destruction and (in some cases) self-mutilation.

As crazy and aggro FALL AND RESIST can get, their calmer side is the most intriguing as shown in the opening track, as well as “Anger and Sadness”. Playing with a weight in their bones, the instrumental side of them is like the caged bird singing. The sad inner song’s message erupts forth in the desperate cry of “Mend Me”. The final track “Cinders” buries all under a heavy blizzard of ash and suffocates under clouds of billowing smog. FALL AND RESIST have made their presence known in a big way with their introduction to the world. Fading Cinders is unforgettable!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Life and Death
2. Severity
3. When Virtues Break
4. Pride and Glory
5. Stitch
6. Anger and Sadness
7. Mend Me
8. Mind Hacker
9. In Ignorance
10. Cinders
Rory - Bass
Benito Martino - Drums
Brendon Bradbury - Guitars Backing Vocals
Liam “Frosty” Frost - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 February 2023

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