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Fall of Carthage - The Longed For Reckoning

Fall of Carthage
The Longed For Reckoning
by JOGANEGAR at 17 April 2017, 8:17 AM

When I first read the name of this band, I imagined a power themed, symphonic Metal band with epic riffs and lyrics about the great Hannibal and how he made one of history’s most powerful empires tremble at it’s very foundations, The instrumental intro had me picturing great battles and tales of great deeds,was I in for a disappointment.

FALL OF CARTHAGE is a German based trio releasing their second album “The Longed for Reckoning” album on MDD RECORDS, A 16 track too long record that comes and goes without and genre based boundaries.  “Sick Intentions” was in my opinion the best achieved track of the first part of this album; a catchy and powerful riff which I must say made me listen to this track twice before I could move on with the rest of the album, the spoken part reminded me a little of “Captive Honor” by MEGADETH, although the prison in this story’s character is more of a psychological one. The way the guitar and drums link the first thrash part of the song with the more groove oriented bridge is shows a spark of irreverent genius by the band. After this song, the energy started decreasing, and the eclectic material made it clear this was no typical abum.

I really don’t know what a song like “Whodini Peckawood” has to do on this or any metal record, no, seriously, Is this a joke? Then I remembered, these are professional musicians with a record contract and a scheduled international tour, so they can pretty much do what they want even if it means defying the most dogmatic foundations of the genre. It was clear to me the moment I started hearing the electronic sequences on “Complete” that merge with an atmospheric monologue and end up with some sort of melodeath combined with the metal version of Rob Zombie’s tedious and un

No proposal and no real structure or cohesion; is this thrash or nu metal, Death Metal or rap? There were so many “fucks” throughout this album that this band should be called Fuck of Carthage instead of Fall of Carthage. The lack of guitar solos made this come across as LINKIN PARK with a double bass drum,  which I have to say was my favorite thing about this album. I just hope this magnificent drummer gets the worth he deserves and gets more involvement in the band’s progress with less experimentation and more assertiveness towards finding a true spirit and perspective. Finally after “Tapeworms” things seemed to get back to normal  but just when I thought the nightmare was over, “Purile Scumbag” kicked in and I just couldn’t bear myself to listening to the whole track, though “Black December” was a pleasant surprise to close this record. Maybe without the most “experimental” parts of it this album, FALL OF CARTHAGE could acquire more character, but for the time being it feels ike they just threw different sounds together achieving a concept less album, which as the band expresses in their own words is their main focus as a trio deprived of all boundaries, well, mission accomplished.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 3
Memorability: 3
Production: 9

2 Star Rating

1. Fast forward
2. Dust and Dirt
3. Sick Intentions
4. They’re Alive
5. Swept to the edge
6. Complete
7. For the should to save
8. Whodini Peckawood
9. Suffer the Pain
10. Down like honey
11. Tapeworms
12.Paint it white
13. Bury the crisis
14. Purile Scumbag
15. Turning Point
16. Black December
Sascha Aßbach - Vocals
Arkadius Antonik - Guitars
Martin Buchwalter - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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