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Fall of Carthage - Behold

Fall of Carthage
by Michael Coyle at 16 June 2015, 9:54 PM

A combination of Thrash and Groove mixed together to form a different and very mellow tone to which creates the bands debut “Behold”. Through the record we see that there are different and curious ideas brought together.

Upon the Small Things
To be very honest, the start of this track is very different compared to a lot of the songs I are reviewed in the past, but at the same time you have to give the band credit for creativity and thinking of how to structure it. Though I need to be honest that with how the track is going, its more breakdowns than anything else, which I feel is lazy, though the track seems to try and catch my interest by working through some speed elements, but even still, the song just kind of bores me; it just feels repetitive.

As with the last track, it seems more rhythm than lead and I need to be honest, I just don't seem to like it, it feels like they are trying to copy the same formula as LAMB OF GOD mixed together with cheesy metalcore music, I could understand what the band are going for but it feels more like big noise mixed with hard vocals and to me it feels lazy as anything and does kind of disappoint the listener who was hoping for something different.

Menace to Myself
From the start, the track opens differently to the other tracks, showing that they don't need to follow a boring breakdown style of openings, but at the same time, it just goes back to the breakdowns, which really goes to show that there really isn’t much to take from this band except a style that is bland, and for me, would only appeal to metalcore fans in general. There is just nothing to find interesting with this track to be honest folks, I mean I am trying to find the silver lining but the way the song is structured just feels like an easy way out for the band to have created this song.

Means to be Alive
For this track there seems to hope as the band show off some of their inspirations mainly found in PANTERA, but as fast as it seems like the band are changing up their power and idea, we are faced with the same lingering ideas that the previous tracks have showed, I cannot lie when I say that when listening to this record full and through that there seems to be this same progress of boring breakdowns and simple instrumental work, I mean its great for the basics and all but this record tries to sound bi when all it is as I have said before, is just massive sound mixed with hard vocals, and to be honest, that is the record in a nutshell, which is disappointing for me to be honest.

With any record, when you hear the title track you think this is the song that embodies the record as a whole, which in this case is true, I'm sorry to the band, but this track is bland and lifeless for me to listen to, I do not mean to be negative but I feel that so much more could have been done, if the band had focused more on the music than the breakdowns and boring repetitive riffs, then we would have something here folks, but no.

If the band had worked more on the structure and sound of the record, then we might have a different conclusion ladies and gentlemen, but instead I feel that for the first release, fair enough, but it isn't for me, I feel that the band have a ways to go.

1 Star Rating

1. Upon the Small Things
2. Degeneration
3. Dawn of the Enemy
4. Imperfection
5. Home in a Wasteland
6. Menace to Myself
7. Necessitarianism
8. Means to be Alive
9. Leave Them Behind
10. More Than Nothing
11. Behold
Sascha Aßbach - Vocals
Arkadius Antonik - Guitars
Martin Buchwalter - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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