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Fall Of Carthage - Drawn Into Madness

Fall Of Carthage
Drawn Into Madness
by Andrew Harvey at 06 November 2022, 3:31 AM

This is a German heavy rock/metal band called FALL OF CARTHAGE and they can be referred to as ‘modern metal, meaning it is eclectically bold and unpredictable and a proposition embroiling the choice essences of genres such as death, thrash and heavy metal with crossover and groove metal adventure’. The band formed back in 2014 and released their debut album BEHOLD which certainly has that thrash/groove metal sound, I feel this can be similar to the Metalcore band TRIVIUM. Their follow up or sophomore album titled THE LONGED-FOR RECKONING also share similar themes as vocals are mean and nasty.

They then released another album making their third outing in 2018 with EMMA GREEN yet again keeping to their origins or roots for certain. Certainly a lot to listen and perhaps different ideas also included. Now they to us after Covid-19 became a global pandemic, their fourth album titled DRAWN INTO MADNESS. Introducing the album is “Sesame Seeds” with non stop groove/thrash metal guitars and pulsating drum patterns as vocals take the higher throne overloading all other instruments. The hint of progressive metal maybe certainly thrash from vocals shouting from the rooftops as vocal support is also heard. Drumming very much fills in the gaps in between and even the tough attitude of vocals is spot on and incredible.

“Slipping Through The Walls” as this next track is again hardcore to the bone as the floor stamping drums continue and heavy bass tones with electric guitar is just such a good mix overall. Vocal also takes an interesting rhythm where perhaps backing vocals speak up in a narrative tone as we head into the next track “True Oblivion” has more echo and ringing from electric guitars as bass guitar also makes itself known with vocals taking another unorthodox approach. Despite the heavy drum patterns and harmonic guitars, vocals are switching the lead as they speak in a rhyme unlike your average thrash/groove metal vocal sound. Drums settle down and bass guitar picks along as electric guitar does too, returning to the grunt or grind of big fat tones.

A breakdown follows on into the next track “Dug Under” which goes the same way before. Vocals do dominate and drums set the tone with guitars holding their nerve as before. The connection and contrast of each instrument is just staggering to hear faster drum patterns occur once or twice again. Another breakdown section as we head into the “Smell Of The Break” as screamer vocals kill the audio spectrum as they ramp up the volume. The guitar as before is covered in awesome riffs and bass guitar is deep in tone, vocals repeating certain words but one last scream as we go into “Cause Of Death”. Cymbal hits and shattering drum patterns take over with accented notes as vocals sound very nasal as speaking or whispering maybe.

The vocals and guitar are also adding some spice to the recipe that is hot, molten groove metal with drums or vocals kicking and screaming(literally). Into the next track after monstrous and bombastic vocals let it rip as we go in for “Bloodwater”. Again we hear drums projecting and sounding optimistic as does vocals play guitars. Electric guitar gliding on a note and allowing drums to solo around its placement in the mix. Vocals with its hardcore approach as we are in the midst of “Absurd Formulae” with knock out drums punching through. Bass guitar also focuses on similar notation when it bounces as rhythmic vocals take over. Even Vocals being backed up with screamer notes than electric guitar plays out the last track with computer based beats perhaps.

Wow this is simply stunning music and has a nasty after taste but it’s pure thrash/groove metal as its own element. This band certainly has kept going and produced yet another class act of an album. Here’s to more now with their future releases and potential they can use for a follow up album. Fantastic and we want more from these guys!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sesame Seeds
2. Slipping Through The Wall
3. True Oblivion
4. Dug Under
5. Smell Of The Oak
6. Cause Of My Death
7. Bloodwater
8. Absurd Formulae
Sascha Aßbach - Vocalist
Arkadius Antonik - Guitar, Bass Guitar
Ken Jentzen - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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