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Fall of Seraphs - From Dust to Creation

Fall of Seraphs
From Dust to Creation
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 November 2022, 2:10 PM

Usually, when debating about Old School forms and younger forms of Metal, it’s common for me to say that no one needs to do something ‘new’, but everyone must bring something different of already exists. There are band’s that are only copying what was already done again and again, wasting the time of the fans for nothing; on other hand, there are those that get the older elements and make something in their own way, and it’s usual to have something good in hands from those who work in such way. And “From Dust to Creation”, the first full length of the French quintet FALL OF SERAPHS is into this second trend.

It’s not hard to understand the band’s musical work: it’s a form of traditional Death Metal, but not only using old clichés. It’s a massive combination of influences of CANNIBAL CORPSE, MONSTROSITY, DEICIDE and others from North American Death Metal School, but with a personality showing that they do their music as please them (the guitar solos show some melodic touches in moments as “The Eradication Dogma”) , and not trying to be like others. It’s aggressive, brutal and full of nasty hooks, and what ear-crushing energy flows from their songs. The sonority was built to create a massive an energetic bulk with a very good set of aggressive instrumental tunes, but allowing the songs to be easily understood. These words mean: be careful with your ears, because the massive and defined sound of “From Dust to Creation” can hurt your eardrums easily.

Their seven songs are showing that a Death Metal titan is arising on French shores, but for a first idea of what the quintet is up to, “The Eradication Dogma” (a straight fold and aggressive song with fast tempos, based on a great work of the guitars on remarkable riffs and a very good solo), “Mirror of Transcendence” (that is plenty of Death/Thrash Metal elements, with the grunts of the vocals fitting in a great way under that instrumental lay of the band), “Fire Path of Punishment” (a Grindcore/Hardcore set of influences can be heard in some moments, including on the oppressive slow parts created by bass guitar and drums), “Psychotic Troubled Senses” (another very good set of rhythmic contrasts between fast and slow parts can be heard on this one), and “From Dust to Creation” is a very good set to begin with. But for Death Metal fans, it’ll not be hard to deal with the album.

FALL OF SERAPHS is a very good new name in the French scene, and for sure “From Dust to Creation” will have a strong crush on Death Metal fans.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Eradication Dogma
2. Mirror of Transcendence
3. Divine’s Lament
4. Fire Path of Punishment
5. Psychotic Troubled Senses
6. From Dust to Creation
7. Brood of Decomposition
Olaf - Vocals
Seb “Khan Hard” - Guitars
Ogma - Guitars
Julien Rousseau - Bass
Vincent Roubière - Drums
Record Label: Memento Mori


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