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Fall To June - Fall To June

Fall To June
Fall To June
by Calen Nesten at 28 May 2015, 8:21 PM

FALL TO JUNE is a Florida based southern rock band that released their debut, self-titled album in April 2015. Southern rock is one of my favorite styles of American rock music. I love the small dash of country and the dirty, rebellious sound that it adds to the genre. But unfortunately, the genre started to lose popularity in the early 80's, giving us less LYNYRD SKYNYRD and drowning us in a polluted sea of KID ROCK. Now, I would never directly compare FALL TO JUNE to KID ROCK, their styles are much too different and no one should be compared to KID ROCK. But with that said, there is nothing really positive that I can say about FALL TO JUNE. Foremost, the instrumentation on the album is generic as hell, practically indistinguishable from bands like 3 DOORS DOWN or SALIVA. I understand that not everyone can be a unique little flower, but most of the time they try (actually, having the bassist from COLD in your band might contribute to that sound). And that brings me to the lyrics, not the vocals exactly, the singer has a pretty good voice and sometimes that can be all you really need. But in this case, the vocals do nothing but extenuate how painful the lyrics can be. Before I delve into some examples, I want to be clear that FALL TO JUNE blatantly expresses their Christian views. Someone expressing their faith isn't my problem, but it further helps my theory that Christian rock blows.

One of the lyrics that boggles my mind comes from the track “Redemption”. The first lines of the song are: “what's the matter with testifying to your point of view? Or did the sun shine over your shoulder?” Maybe I'm missing something, but what the ever-loving hell does the sun shining over your shoulder have to do with expressing yourself? I'm usually pretty good with metaphors but, again, what? And then there is “Super Angel”. The name should be enough, but I'll go ahead and give you this grammatical fuck cluster. “To the Super Angel, to extraordinary, you have entered me and turned me into good.” That's not just a chunk of a longer line, mind you, that's the chorus. “Barbwire Trees” is just a buffet of clichés, like the classic line: “it's been ending since it started”, a line that is the main ingredient in most “yo, I'm so sorry baby, take me back” style songs. When I mentioned they were Christian before it was for a reason. See, it's odd that they have all of these songs and lyrics about being reborn and one with god when the song “The Rain” exists. It's a song about non-conformity, drinking in the daytime and being, in their words: “a typical teenage boy in an older man's skin”. They also mention “sheep” losing their minds and imply that they don't follow societies rules, man. Yet, the song “Redemption” has these lines: “redemption is mine, it could be yours too, redemption is mine” and “did you follow the shepherd once the sheep had pastured out? Or were decisions coming on their own?” So yes, the rebellious, free thinking, FALL TO JUNE want to make sure that you follow the plan God (typically referred to as a shepherd) has set for you instead of making your own. One thing I did learn is that FALL TO JUNE makes their own hot-sauce, habanero citrus and datil pepper. Now that is something that actually sounds good.

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1. Redemption
2. Curtain Call
3. Super Angel
4. The Rain
5. Delta Breakdown
6. Closer
7. Barbwire Trees
8. Unbreakable
9. Chance
10. Delta Breakdown (Acoustic)
Nate Yant - Drums
Dan Mickler - Guitar
Ben Badger - Vocals
Jeremy Marshall - Bass
Jasin Todd - Guitar (Touring)
Record Label: MRI Entertainment


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