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Fall Of Serenity - Royal Killing (CD)

Fall Of Serenity
Royal Killing
by Evi Tsitsi at 25 January 2005, 3:08 AM

Very remarkable Death Metal from the German group Fall Of Serenity. Royal Killing grabbed my attention from the very start because here not only can you hear European Swedish Death Metal but also the American way of Brutal Death. That's why I believe that this album doesn't become in any way boring.
In late summer 1998 Fall Of Serenity was born from the remains of Contrition. Actually Constrition slowly transformed into Fall Of Serenity around that time. They decided for a name change, but still kept playing shows as Constrition. Members at that time were Eddy and Alex (Guitars), Lars (Vocals), Andreas (Bass) and Ulli (Drums). Finally the group in 1999 stabilized their name into Fall Of Serenity. The same year (1999) they released their first opus, Smoldering Doom and also further tracks were laid down for a split album shared with Heaven Shall Burn. For these sessions Rene was drafted on backing vocals, this providing the catalyst for the band to employ both Rene and Lars for dual lead vocals. Eager to capture their new line up on tape Fall Of Serenity went back into the studio to cut the demo billed as Demonstration Tracks 2000. However Andreas made an exit upon completion of these tracks. John Gahlert of Obscuration, a side project which also included Rene, Alex and Eddy alongside Impending Doom's Patrick W. Engel on drums, soon substituted. Fall Of Serenity signed to the Voice Of Life record label for debut album Grey Man's Requiem (2001). John Gahlert (Bass) also acts as frontman for Deathcore band Soulgate's Dawn. The band drafted new drummer Nick for recordings of the Royal Killing album.
Well, in Royal Killing you can hear a mixture of Swedish Death and American Brutal-Death Metal, but I would say they mostly lean towards the Swedish sound cause of the melodic moments between the songs. Beautiful technical riffs which remind me of Edge Of Sanity. I also noticed some Scandinavian paths, especially in some riffs (take a listen at the second track, Royal Killing, and the ninth, Behind The Veil and you'll understand). Very nice melodic moments, without loosing the aggressiveness within the songs. The album keeps your interest high because of the beautiful and well developed song-structure. I also have to mention the amazing production of the album, which Patrick W. Engel (Rape Of Harmonies) took care of.
Songs like Royal Killing, Lost Horizon, Behind The Veil and Demon- (Mon)Archy prove how multihued and interesting Royal Killing is.
- Album Highlights: Royal Killing, Behind The Veil and Lost Horizon.

3 Star Rating

Thirst For Knowledge
Royal Killing
Falling Apart
Mask Of Hatred
The Forthcoming
Children Of A Dying Breed
Lost Horizon
Casting Shadows
Behind The Veil
Demon - (Mon)Archy
Rene Betzold - Vocals
John Gahlert - Bass & Backing Vocals
Nick Putzmann - Drums
Alex Fischer - Guitar
Eddy Langner - Guitar
Record Label: Metal Age Production


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