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Fallbrawl - Chaos Reigns Award winner

Chaos Reigns
by Dory Khawand at 10 January 2016, 9:58 PM

I never expected to be reviewing a band that plays a genre that I’ve always considered a personal guilty pleasure of mind. We can all appreciate the street essence of Hardcore, but to enjoy a subgenre such as “Beatdown Hardcore” was something I never expected back in 2012. With this said, I have followed FALLBRAWL since their inception, back when they released “Pure Mayhem” and have appreciated their dark Beatdown style ever since. Also, this was one of the bands that allowed me to properly appreciate the violent side of underground hardcore music and I’m really glad to discuss their latest input “Chaos Reigns”.

We all know those individuals that judge a record based on the musicianship of the band, and more often than not, end up not appreciating what their ears are absorbing. In a genre like Beatdown Hardcore you’re not supposed to expect any solos or any complex riffs or operatic vocals. In this genre, you’re expected to feel a street kind of anger that more often than not motivates you to punch someone in the face. Simply said, this style of music is made for the moshpit. While not as aggressive as their fellow Germans CRACKDOWN, these street gangsters continue to deliver the slower paced hardcore sound from their 2013 extended play, “Brotherhood”, while adding the proper touch of musicianship to make the record flow perfectly. The record’s overall sound is perfectly demonstrated in FALLBRAWL’s latest single “Seelenfresser”, with proper rhythmic hardcore in the first half, and pure beatdown and mosh at the end.

To elaborate, a Beatdown release further would be absolute boredom, as the sound is admittedly uninspiring to discuss musically. The genre is built on one basis, which is to vent your anger aggressively. For fans of the genre, this release will warrant multiple plays, and for those who enjoy simple and downtuned hardcore sounds, this release will prove to raise your adrenaline levels. Grab this as soon as possible at Beatdown Hardwear Records!

4 Star Rating

1. Born Free…
2. Omega
3. Seelenfresser
4. Chaos Reigns
5. Human Blood
6. …To Land Hard…
7. No Future
8. Broken Promises
9. Rotten
10. Azrael
11. …And Die
Marcel – Bass
Andree – Vocals
Paddy – Guitar
Steve – Guitar
Normal – Drums
Record Label: Beatdown Hardwear Records


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