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Fallbrawl – Darkness

by Jack Lynch at 09 November 2019, 9:20 PM

Taking nearly three years of crafting, FALLBRAWL have emerged from the dungeon and brought with them “Darkness”. Listeners familiar with the group’s previous release “Chaos Reigns” will be happy to know this band from Germany continues to bring the beatdown, mashing as much bleeding gut Hardcore into every crevasse of their albums. And while there are growls and breakdowns a plenty, like “Chaos Reigns”, “Darkness” stands out most when it pumps up the rhythm section and delivers the goods at high speed.

FALLBRAWL is one of those bands that seems unassuming at first but when explored harbor many surprises.  Upon hearing the opening two tracks "Welcome to Reality” or “Snakes”, it would be easy for a new listener to pass them off as another (insert Deathcore band name here). These songs while they pack a punch, are your run-of-the-mill sledgehammers, comprised mostly of slow, methodic breakdowns that chug and lug.  It’s best to think of these tracks as prologues to the more flavor rich “Helldogs” and “The Storm” both of which pick up the pace and showcase just how many rpm’s FALLBRAWL can dish out. Just when you think you’ve got FALLBRAWL figured out, “My World Burns” manages to surprise with an injection of some djenty groove riffs, catchy rhythm sections, and clean vocals. It’s a standout track for sure. The title track “Darkness” is a mosh pit anthem and appropriately so. Rounding it out, “Pressure” features the guest vocals of Ricky from LIONHEART while “Nebula” is an epic melodic finisher that ends things on a somber note. All-in-all “Darkness” is a satisfying rip that packs just enough twists and turns to keep you hooked.

My only real qualm with “Darkness” would have to be with the back end of the album. Up to about the mid-point the album progresses organically from slow chugger, to fast melodic Deathcore, with then “My World Burns” taking on a form of its own. Unfortunately, the latter half of the album takes a step backward and doesn’t progress further into the unknown. While “Pressure” is a welcome addition, there aren’t really any surprises on “Live of Survive”, and “Turn the Scale”. Though these songs are well written, they feel like territory ventured.

Still, if you’re a fan of the band’s material the latter half of the album is going to feel like home. There is no denying the genre bending energy FALLBRAWL can inject into their songs, I just wish they did it more on a few tracks. Despite this however, the band has crafted another solid release that’ll fit nicely in their collection.


4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Reality
2. Snakes
3. Helldogs
4. The Storm
5. My World Burns
6. Darkness
7. Pressure
8. Live of Survive
9. Turn The Scale
10. Nebula
Andree Krupski - Vocals
Walle Etzel - Bass
Stefan Leineweber - Guitar
Simon Heinen - Drums
Record Label: BDHW Records


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