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Fallen Angel - Crawling Out Of Hell Award winner

Fallen Angel
Crawling Out Of Hell
by Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan at 02 July 2014, 2:18 PM

So this is a re-issue…first time around was independent without label…this time around Killer Metal Records has taken the platter and is doing what perhaps was missed first time around, THIS is HEAVY METAL. FALLEN ANGEL hail from upstate New York and this album is actually 1st of 3, yes a Trilogy apparently accompanied by a series of books written by founder and guitarist John Gruppe.

20 tracks….yes 20!! Now ok, not all are proper songs per say or all out 'sing-along tracks. They are, well intros or interludes, no less Metal no less Powerful but loaded with atmosphere. That is because this is a conceptual piece but there are glorious songs, Metal in every way. Some of the phrasing here is Lips a’ la ANVIL, JUDAS PRIEST, KING DIAMOND, ACCEPT, QUEENSREICH in touches. I could go on but I hate comparing to any band…each are (or should be) individual and yes even if they do display influence.

Considering this was a debut album around 2010, I think these guys need a medal for the display of pure integrity and bravado. This has not suffered a re-release but does go to underline how FALLEN ANGEL went for 'epic' from the start and man they did a great job, where most would play cautious and try to sit in a comfy, trendy seat, these guys went all out. Even more to it as this is part 1 of a 3 part trilogy…WOW…how to impress your peers. There have been conceptual albums before but usually a band builds up to it. Not these guys, they jump straight into it, writing for a long time to end up with something pretty cool.

It is grand from the off, full of power and punch, good solid production and some absolute top performances…vocally, some really great moments too, which is not to say there are down moments just some fine points of vocal delivery that even eclipse others..

These guys learned their trade. Took notes from their influences and constructed their songs to max out the imagery and feel produced by the performances therein.
Maybe it is a little too much for a debut piece? 20 pieces, huge epic production and as such you are not quite sure, which is the band FALLEN ANGEL, in fact it feels perhaps a little like a 'project' album. That all sounds negative but is not meant to, I simply mean that until you can hear the next 2 parts and put the whole thing together into one big cohesive map, you have yet to find who the band actually are in some ways. You can hear so much going on and some many influences in there it feels one minute  80's  new wave and the next minute classic, pre - new wave, while at the same time contemporary, as far as classic metal goes.

With all of that happening, maybe it can confuse a little but…if the next 2 are truly following this…perhaps the idea was a Heavy Metal Lord of the Rings?? Lol, well not literally. “Cast Out Of Heaven” (the 2nd of the 3) is supposedly due out this year – 2014 so let's see what is next.

As far as tipping this 'debut' (I know it first came out in 2010) because now it has it's label home, so it can be released truly, well I'd say go for it. If you like Metal, in all its glory…fast, epic, Thrashy, with cool riffs, slow, heavy, there is even some 'marching to war' stomping going on…it's atmospheric and displays all of the touches we like in or metal, this definitely has something for you..

Myself I am looking forward to parts 2 and 3. Great stuff.

5 Star Rating

1.Crash to Oblivion
2. Sinners Vengeance
3. March Into Hell
4.Blood On My Soul
5.The Grinding Wheel Of War
6.The Reapers Shall Gather
7. Arrival
8. Dark Lord
10. The One Who Walks Alone
11.The Answer
12. Respiration Desperation
13.The Neutral Zone
14. Life or Death
15.On and On
16. Ashes To Ashes
17.Leaving It All Behind
18. Watching
19.Sad Wings
20. Grant Me peace
Steve Seniuk – Vocals
James Dipinto – Guitar
John Cruppe – Guitar
Bob Embury – Bass
Frankie Quaggs – Drums
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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