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Fallen Angels - Even Priest Knows

Fallen Angels
Even Priest Knows
by Kayla Hutton at 13 June 2018, 4:04 AM

Formed in 2011 is Italy Glam Rockers FALLEN ANGELS. Their debut album "Even Priest Knows" released via Slip Trick Records sounds like an album of cover songs you don't know the words to. Don't get me wrong when I was 10 years old I loved POISON, SKID ROW, MOTLEY CRUE and all the glam bands. It was my gateway drug to other forms of metal. Just like then there were those bands that didn't quite have that explosion that the larger bands did. ENUFFZENUFF, SOUTHGANG, DANGER DANGER.

"Feast with the Beast" sounds like an old demo from Vince Neil. The entire album is simply that. A mimic of something that has been done. Lacking in any real originality. You can tell they researched 80's bands and did their best to create an exact duplicate of the lesser known bands while occasionally sounding like some larger names. There is one exception. The lead guitar. Some of the leads are actually pretty good. Full of melodic licks and fast picking. "Pink High Hills" begins like a rip off of "Unskinny Bop's" main riff and verses came from "Looks that Kill."  Even with the vocals ascending as the verse ends. The choral group vocals yelling in key "Pink High Hills" fills the air with strip club womanizing on a weekend with the scent of hops and yeast from old spilled bear no one cleaned up. While the 80's did know how to make a girl swing around a pole, I'm a little frightened to see the ladies hanging on to their yesteryear as FALLEN ANGELS plays in the background.

A mental picture of how gravity inevitably wins against the human body and not being able to decipher a snare pop from a hip breaking. These guys have covered all aspects including the high pitched yelping sound"WOW" like he had just been kicked in the nuts. "Jennifer Drugs" is another MOTLEY CRUE esque attempt at a ballad with a little hint of WARRANT in the music. I feel this would be more appropriate as a Halloween band or a cover band. On their own, it just lacks any contribution to the past by offering something new to add to it. It's hard to respect those who just "want to be." While the rhythms and licks are at times a few notes away from plagiarism the leads are very solid and have great sound. There is talent, style, and originality in the leads.

In the ballad, the singer is trying too hard to convince the listener that he is actually emoting. It's as fake as hiding behind the Nikki Sixx style makeup. They have definitely spent more time perfecting their image and recreating more so than providing any good reason to celebrate what was a great time for music for some people. I feel bad to say it, but listening to the whiny Vince Neil impression got irritating by the 7th track "The force in the mind." Although the end of the track shows the drummer kind of spreading his wings outside of a simple 4/4 kick ride snare kick ride snare. Wish that part was longer, or that the beat was put to good use in the rest of the track. Not sure why the track fades out with some bad country karaoke, but we all have our reasons for the things we do.

Oh no, the next track begins with the generic old Casio keyboard hand clap sound. Not sure if they were trying to be EUROPE. The verse riff sounds close to RATT while the synth awkwardly chimes in finishing the end of the line. I give everything a fair chance, and like I said, I loved the 80's glam. This is just a rip off and an insulting attempt. Not to mention Priests and little boys have also become a thing of the past. So the album's title also falls short and isn't grabbing attention.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Captain in the Dark
3. Feast with the Beast
4. Millionaire Man
5. Pink High Hills
6. Jennifer Drugs
7. The Force in the Mind
8. Psycho Love
9. But I’ll Live Forever
10. For A Piece of Bread
Matty Mannant – Vocals
Stefy Wizard – Guitar
Luke Gyzz – Drums
Matthew Ice – Bass
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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