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Fallen Arise - Enigma

Fallen Arise
by Kai Naiman at 22 March 2020, 4:29 PM

Greece has been known as one of the more active metal fronts within the European scene, being the hub for numerous key metal bands such as ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTICFLESH, FIREWIND and SUICIDAL ANGELS. That being said, the Hellenic scene features less Symphonic Metal, compared to their European counterparts. With the inception of FALLEN ARISE, back in 2009, the Greeks have held a pursuit to make a stand - when Finland has NIGHTWISH, The Dutch have EPICA and the German have XANDRIA - Greece longs to be the next symphonic powerhouse. Having their third studio album, "Enigma", released on April 10th, 2020, FALLEN ARISE face a difficult task of competing the odds and delivering a record to be remembered.

Setting the mood is the energetic and intense instrumental opus, "In Adentu Deorum", which, comfortably enough, can be translated as 'the arrival of the gods'. Irony aside, this orchestral ride sure fits that description. Immediately after the opener closes, the curtains unveil the title track, "Enigma". Setting the scene in a theatrical feel, the keyboards play a key role. The vocalist duo of Fiona Creaby and Vlassis K. debut on this track. It may be a production mishap, but it doesn't seem the duo. Seperately, though, they are decent enough vocalists - nothing out of the ordinary and not overally impressive nor expressionate. A brief keyboard solo by Gus Dibelas opens up for guitarist Spyros Vasilakis, who completes the solo section of the track, which was decently, if not said well, played.

Throughout the record, the listeners are expected to abstracts of the early-day NIGHTWISH and EPICA influences, as well as the more EVANESCENSE feel on several occasions. The latter can more clearly be heard on the fourth track, "Forsaken", while the former can be surmised by listening to "Embers" and "Released" - both sounding like potential Tarja Turunen-era NIGHTWISH unreleased songs. The vocals however, as stated before, do not match that prospect - but are more simple and contemporary. "Horizon" begins almost entirely like an early-era SONATA ARCTICA or KAMELOT track, featuring acoustic guitar melodies that sound like either "Power Of One" or "Sailorman's Hymn", respectively.

If prompted to distinguish the highlight of the album, I'd place my bets on track number eight, "Forever Winter"; from the early moments and through the end of this lengthier epic track, the build-up and atmosphere of the track suit perfectly together. The track's main melody is fairly predictable but catchy. This track is where the keyboards, brilliantly orchestrated by Gus Dibelas shine the brightest, and the guitar solo contributed by Spyros Vasilakis compliments the multiple layers of the keyboards. That being said, at times it seems like the various tracks were a tad too high in the mix at times, but it didn't harm the overall enjoyment of the track.

"Enigma" by FALLEN ARISE is a pleasant and promising record. It can be said that with a mite of further improvement and self-discovery, this Hellenic band will live up to their own hype. They have previously toured with many favorable and famed bands, and with the inspiration to create music that elevates them growing larger, I believe this band has the potential to push themselves forward.

Songwriting: 7
Production: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7

3 Star Rating

1. In Adentu Deorum
2. Enigma
3. Reborn
4. Forsaken
5. Embers
6. Without Disguise
7. Released
8. Forever Winter
9. Horizon
10. The Storm Inside
Fiona Creaby - Vocals
Vlassis K. - Vocals
Gus Dibelas - Keyboards
Spyros Vasilakis - Guitars
Paul Kull Culley - Bass
Marios K. - Drums
Record Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


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