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Fallen Mankind - Bleak Ocean

Fallen Mankind
Bleak Ocean
by Dan Disorder at 15 October 2017, 6:15 PM

FALLEN MANKIND are an impressive Swedish Metal band, which is a conglomerate of very experienced and talented musicians that have been a part of the European metal scene since the 80’s, from previous bands that spanned Death and Doom Metal, as well as Heavy Rock. This five-piece outfit have interwoven their influences into the confidently forged album “Bleak Ocean”, for metal receptive ears to digest.

The title track, “Bleak Ocean” opens the floodgate with thick, muscular guitar tones, which build exciting moods with catchy rhythms. The drums and bass provide the reinforcement that completes the sound, and makes it the full arsenal of noise; then the vocals gallop with the instruments like a cavalry charge with sabers drawn. FALLEN MANKIND firmly grasp generous proportions of Hard Rock attitude, and then inject a military dose of Metal tuning and delivery; however it is the vocals that make the cast iron sound glide effortlessly. Purely for the sake of this review, if I had to categorize the vocalist, he is border lining on a Power Metal delivery, with sporadic bursts of almost operatic potency.

I must say that this album has very many shades of musical personality; there are the more aggressive yet emotive tracks like “Murder She Screamed” and “Freedom Calls”; but then FALLEN MANKIND really flex their ability, with deep, atmospheric tracks like “Shine” that build to huge crescendos. Towards the end of “Bleak Ocean” however, as in the last few tracks, the songs seemed to lose a touch of momentum and it felt as if FALLEN MANKIND were just ‘winding up the clock’ to end the album on a final structured note. Now don’t get me wrong, the end of the album is not bad music by any standard, it just seemed that a modicum of the potency slipped away, and the songs sounded a little too similar to what went before hand.

But overall, as my first introduction to this band, I am suitably impressed and I am looking forward to hearing more. “Bleak Ocean” has a clear salute to the tradition of heavy sound, with a fresh modern glaze, and the right garnish of originality. A solid recommendation; well done fellas.

Song Writing- 7
Originality- 7
Memorability- 7
Production- 8

3 Star Rating

1. Bleak Oceans
2. Phoenix Rises
3. Murder She Screamed
4. Freedom Calls
5. By My Side
6. Shine
7. Obliteration
8. Bury Me Alive
9. Liars and Snakes
10. Unknown
Mats Hedfors - Vocals
Tommy Böckert - Guitars
Robert Karlsson - Guitars
Kardac Cidh - Bass
Kent Jonander - Drums
Record Label: Dr. Music Records


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