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Fallen Angels - Rise From Ashes (CD)

Fallen Angels
Rise From Ashes
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 October 2008, 12:20 PM

I am a die hard Thrash Metal fan and when I say Thrash I mean from old school pure unadulterated steel to modern catchy Thrash with extreme vocals. But I just can't take it when a band plays a kind of Thrash that can only be characterized with the words boring, uninspired and tiring…

These US thrashers have been active since 2002 and have managed to play live with bands like TESTAMENT and HIRAX, but if they are so boring in the studio, I don't even want to imagine how boring they must be on stage! This is their debut full-length work, since Metal On Metal Records offered them a contract, their first one!

Less than decent riffing with only 1-2 good ideas lost somewhere in the album's mediocrity, vocals that need a lot of work, predictable and simple drumming and a ‘rotten' guitar sound that comes along with a pretty shitty production in general are the elements that create the debut album by FALLEN ANGELS (these guys didn't even bother searching for a more decent name). I am sorry but I can't even characterize this album as decent. It is like they didn't even work for these songs. Maybe they were too excited that a label noticed them and they just wanted to release an album, no matter how it would sound.

I am sorry guys but you really have to try harder. Raise From Ashes is only a sign that you need to work a lot on your music. And please the next time spend some more time on your booklet and don't just throw some pictures from Wikipedia. We all know that war and violence are themes that sell, but at least spend some time to present them like a band, not an encyclopedia!

2 Star Rating

Rise From Ashes
Cerebral Infection
Looking Over The Walls Of Despair
Slaves In Words
The Essence Of Violence
Cries Of The Dying
Silent City
Massacred By Madness
Brad Kennaugh - Vocals
Erik Hansen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rob Steinway - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Carl Larsson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Hansen - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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