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Fallen Within - Intoxicated (CD)

Fallen Within
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 December 2009, 10:31 AM

The first time I came across this band was in a small festival hosted in a venue downtown in Athens. Back then, not only I didn't see something good in their music, but also I was facing a band that hadn't even rehearsed properly. Their debut album was a great way to see how they have progressed.

This six piece band hails from Athens, Greece, and is kind of fresh to the scene, since it was formed in 2003 and has released two demos since then. With a contract with the Italian label Coroner Records, the band has the chance to release its first ever full-length album and show its true potential. Hmmm, let's see…

First of all, the band has changed its line up; these are not the members I watched performing live back then. Intoxicated is armed with a strong and clear sound, but unfortunately the music is not as strong. The band's melodic Death Metal is balancing on a thin line between aggression and melancholy, but in a not so well worked way. The band seems that it hasn't found its musical identity yet, since the mixture between those two feelings could (or should) sound tight. One more thing is that this kind of music is massively produced nowadays, so you really have to do something unique or transmit a huge dose of energy to the listener in order to differ, something that FALLEN WITHIN are not really doing here…

In a scene that requires a lot in order to give you even the tiniest bit of what you deserve, FALLEN WITHIN need more work to show who they really are. And I say that because they seem skilled musicians that probably got somehow lost in their influences as they tried to fit them all in here.

2 Star Rating

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Steve Al - Vocals
Gio S - Guitar
Billy - Guitar
John P - Bass
Nick G - Drums
Steven More - Keyboards
Record Label: Coroner Records


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