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Falling in Time - Every Which Way Society Complains

Falling in Time
Every Which Way Society Complains
by Danny Sanderson at 24 January 2015, 3:15 PM

FALLING IN TIME is an Alternative Metal band from New Zealand. The band is the project of its sole member, Aaron Timothy, after an unfortunate motorcycle accident, which left a profound effect on him. This is the bands second album, and their third overall release.

The opening song, "Last Day of Your Life" is a track with a strong Industrial influence, which is centred around the vocals, which are reminiscent of MARILYN MANSON's vocals to my ear. "After Hours" is more of a mid-paced track with the same thick vocals topping off the music. Next comes "Nothing But Human", which really isn't too good. I think that this is more to do with the mixing than the music. For a start, the vocals are too high in the mix, like they seem to be on all the songs, and the guitar work, which should carry this track, doesn't really get the attention it should. "I Don't Mind" is a bit better, and is more or less a ballad. The vocals aren't as distorted and actually sound much better as a result. Likewise, the guitar work is improved, and more noticeable. "Wasting Space" is another step in the right direction for this album. It's very Nu Metal in tone, particularly with the drumming style, the samples that play out in the background and the vocals, which are actually pretty good when placed alongside the riff that makes up the song. "Moments That Count" has a much cleaner guitar tone which would work well, were it not for the stark contrast the vocals make against it. "Same Old Same" makes up for the disappointment of the last track by producing guitars and vocals which actually complement each other very well. Songs like this and "Wasting Space" are the sound that I think this band should be going for, because both these songs work quite well. The penultimate track, "Nothing Has Changed", is perhaps the best song on the album, as far as musicality goes. The last song, "See You Again" is genuinely bizarre and disjointed, and a very poor way to end this album.

Personally, I wasn't very keen on this album. I feel this album would have been far better with a better production, above all else. But that is just my opinion. You may feel differently, however, so I would recommend checking this band out, especially if you are into Nu or Alternative Metal.

1 Star Rating

1. Last Day of Your Life
2. After Hours
3. Nothing But Human
4. I Don't Mind
5. Wasting Space
6. Moments That Count
7. Same Old Same
8. Nothing Has Changed
9. See You Again
Aaron Timothy - All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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