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False Coda - Secrets And Sins Award winner

False Coda
Secrets And Sins
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 24 April 2017, 4:49 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: FALSE CODA; signed via Freia Music, hailing from Greece - performing Progressive Metal, on their 2nd album entitled “Secrets And Sins”. (Released on Halloween of 2016)

Since formation in 2009; the quintet in question have 1 album behind them, I'm introduced to their sophomore deliverance - “Secrets And Sins”.  Progressive Metal tends to surprise me every time with its uniquely intricate designed balance of profuse characteristics to sound completely different to the mainstream perspective; I go in with low expectations as Prog is a sub-genre of subjective taste, (at least in my opinion) and overall - an open-mind is needed. Nine highly detailed tracks ranging at around 54:58; showcase complex distinction & overall extinguish aforementioned opinion, starting with the epic, “Throne Of Blood”, I immediately enter a world of unprecedented instrumentation and musicianship. FALSE CODA construct in fashionable songwriting that excels with elegant & memorable production while upholding an original intention to be unique as they can possibly be, while sounding rhythmic - which is important to me in Metal.

Consisting of 5 members; vocalist Stefanos Zafeiropoulos showcases intriguing cords that stem from clean high-pitched complexity to enlightening growls, generating an enjoyable listen…nothing too deeply excessive - though his performance is nothing short of extraordinarily proficient. “Moral Compass” is another elegant track; where guitarist Bill Milios adequately shares a dexterous flair of adapt riffs and unparalleled contrast in his impressive work that stuns this thrasher. “New Paradigm” shows off keyboardist Lefteris Kapetanios; providing an excellent atmosphere for that organic aesthetic of unparalleled substance, which excels with efficient and fulfilling originality. Very surprised around this portion of “Secrets And Sins”, the titular track is the 2nd longest track at 8:25 long… showcasing a nice blend of Death Metal like pummeling and Thrash Metal esquire instrumentation, the musicianship gets better and better.

The sound production sounds great; powerhouse Nick Pogkas on bass & Andrew Milios on drums, formulate a stimulating efficaciousness of crushing elements and fascinating intricacy. “Flickering Lights” flourishes more of the aforementioned with more surprising elements; the Prog is prominently sufficient and coherently produced with rhythmic merits. “Monolith” has a splendidly exquisite groove that will have you pounding your fist with thanks to the crushing drum & bass-work, where the vocalization has a well-sung high-pitched scream that could match Rob Halford!! This is abundantly profound in the next track “Moment”; 9:20 long, the longest track on the album… More melodic expertise shrouds this one; more constructive vocalization that mimics a Hardcore transition surprisingly. FALSE CODA do Prog justice; where some quartets go way overboard at being different, this here band perfectly describe how Prog should be ultimately.

The Truth Lies” & “California” concludes the record with an overall impression of nothing but greatness; I was incredibly surprised that I was enjoying a nice, solid slab of finely crafted Prog. FALSE CODA has outdone themselves with “Secrets And Sins” - I highly recommend this beast to any fan of music, and Metal in general. If you're looking for something fascinatingly indifferent and want to broad your horizons - look no further! Check it out via their Bandcamp, NOW.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Throne Of Blood
2. Moral Compass
3. New Paradigm
4. Secrets And Sins
5. Flickering Lights
6. Monolith
7. Moment
8. The Truth Lies
9. California
Stefanos Zafeiropoulos - Vocals
Bill Milios - Guitars
Andrew Milios - Drums
Nick Pogkas - Bass
Lefteris Kapetanios - Keyboards
Record Label: Steel Gallery Records


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