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False Gods – No Symmetry... Only Disillusion

False Gods
No Symmetry... Only Disillusion
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 31 December 2020, 2:53 PM

After releasing three EPs since 2015, New York heavy-hitters FALSE GODS are anxious to release their debut full-length, “No Symmetry… Only Dissolution”, to the world. The result is a brash, bulldozing juggernaut, shifting between melancholy and rage with the stroke of the riff.

With influences ranging from sludge legends EYEHATEGOD and CROWBAR to GODFLESH and KILLING JOKE, the members of False Gods embrace all forms of extreme and heavy music, which in turn helps them fulfil their musical vision: creating powerful undeniable sounds while telling the bitter truth of reality.

“Enemy Territory” kicks off the band’s debut Full-Length album with an aggression impact start. The vocals just pour out instantaneously.  The sludge emphasis is easy to hear, it has a decent level of pace and throws in a few finer cut solo segments in for good measure, this allows the melodies to expand. The song shows the elements of a good Sludge song throughout and keeps the tempo to a decent level. The speed is controlled very well allowing us to hear any changes and enjoy them. Good start to the album

“Stay Frosty” keeps the pace up nicely, it is at a pace and aggression level where you would be expecting it to be fro say early CROWBAR days. The song progress along without too many real changes, but as the melody blends together they do chuck in a few little solos again to spice things up and stop any chance of the song becoming stale. Midway through the song it stops, becomes slow and rebuilds itself up very slowly. This does go on for longer than I thought it would have and the song doesn’t rebuild its pace back, which I thought it should have, but it is still a decent song.

“I Know Too Much” continues the slower pace that we have heard so far, however, sped up from the end of the previous song. It is a repeat in the progression of sound at least, not as experimental to start off with no real new melodies added. However, the build-up in the second half is sure trying to change that theory. The song doesn’t expand as much as the others have however it ticks over nicely. The repeated clean-cut solo is inserted and executed well once more.

“Call of the Neanderthal” starts off teasing some sort of intro to the song. The longer the song goes on the more it seems like an instrumental filler to the album, very little happens. This wasn’t expected and im hoping will add something to the next song

“All That's Left Behind” takes off where the previous song left off. The vocals are soon added to add the depth back to the album, however, the pace seems to have been sucked away. The pace is reduced seems to have deflated the song into Blackened Sludge levels which don’t seem to suit how the album was going. The song just fades out, disappointingly.

“Lords of Emptiness” picks up the pace and aggression once more, which is a good thing in my opinion. However, the pace is short-lived and the duller melodies seep in once more. The melodies seem to be trying to expand, but some creative juices are missing and this song is not as effective as it could have been.

“An Eternity of Failure” is the closing song and returns to an instrumental intro-styled start. The song does not expand on the pace, again and seems to be settled into a rut with the lack of expansion. Not the best closing song, but not the worst

This is a decent album and the fact the band are still new to the scene shows how much they can improve, but they have a good base to start from.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. Enemy Territory
  2. Stay Frosty
  3. I Know Too Much
  4. Call of the Neanderthal (interlude)
  5. All That's Left Behind
  6. Lords of Emptiness
  7. An Eternity of Failure
Mike Stack – Lead Vocals
Nick Luisi – Lead Guitar
Johnny Gierak – Bass Guitar
Greg March – Guitar
Paulie Stack – Drums 
Record Label: Independent


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