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False Memories - The Last Night Of Fall

False Memories
The Last Night Of Fall
by Andrew Harvey at 26 July 2021, 2:36 PM

FALSE MEMORIES journey began with their formation in 2015 led by guitarist Francisco Savino. They began writing original songs leading to their self-titled album released in 2016. The band made a lot of progress aiming more for a gothic rock/metal sound which was well established through their debut album, CHIMERICAL in 2018. However months after their debut album was released, singer Rosella Moscatello joined the band with Francisco. This inspired the band to release a brand new edition of the band's debut album.

Now the band have worked hard on their new release in May earlier this year, THE LAST NIGHT OF FALL. The band were looking for a sound that “is prog rock influenced dark metal vibe” in comparison to their previous release and self-titled album. The brand new album kicks off with “Black Shades” with mid range vocals sung by Moscatello, which is firstly accompanied by piano as the intro. The echo of guitar sets the mood and the drums & bass guitar creates the atmosphere. Guitar shines through with harmonics ringing and sustained playing too.

“Rain Of Souls” does once again allow the electric guitar to take it’s strumming and reverberates. The symphonic sound also is evident and the lyrical content is very interesting too. The bass guitar can also be heard to play the dynamics of the instrument which sits very well in the mix. “Voices” repeats the symphonic element and the guitar sound is well balanced with the other instruments.
“Hysteria” is captured by the piano signalling the gothic rock/symphonic sound. What we don’t hear straight away is the rhythm is most likely in the structure of triplets, counting in threes. There is also a focus on the lower frequencies of the audio spectrum. “The Illusionist” really blends all the influences of gothic rock, symphonic metal and progressive rock too. Each section with either verse or chorus brings out the dynamics of each influence.

“Erased” which brings synthesizer parts with the cymbal hits leading into guitar taking centre stage. Of course the vocals work well and play solo with melodic piano once more. “White Crows” also starts with a gothic rock based section with a full unison also featuring percussive hits and warped vocals. The ending especially where all instruments slowly descend in volume to allow a vocal part where Moscatello reaches her beautiful higher register.

“Unfaithful Dream” mostly highlights the band's talent of switching time signatures throughout this track. This is a more sombre track before the next track which is “Sea Of Nothingness”. This track just reminds us of the symphonic sound with strings and the gothic rock  symbolized  by guitar & drums. There is also an acoustic guitar section and the tempo slows right down. “Deep Breath” actually allows a more soundscape approach with guitar picks with creative drum parts. A real treat comes with an instrumental section to some arpeggio effects.

The final track, “Don’t Forget” is opening with steady strumming from electric guitar. There is a variation in the drum parts and all instruments lower the sound, this allows guitar & vocals to dominate. The tempo as well as slower and the vocals sustain with that echo or reverb effects.

The album is brought to a close and it’s certainly a well produced album. The combination and detail of the gothic rock and prog rock influences in this band’s music is just simply sensational. It’s a beautifully well structured and colourful album, no doubt this will appeal to anyone with a taste of symphonic based metal.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

Overall: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Black Shades
2. Rain Of Souls
3. Voices
4. Hysteria
5. The Illusionist
6. Erased
7. Whie Crows
8. Unfaithful Dream
9. Sea Of Nothingness
10. Deep Breath
11. Don’t Forget
Rosella Mocsatello - Vocals
Francisco Savino - Lead Guitar
Moreno Palmisano - Rhythm Guitar
Gianluca Zaffino - Bass Guitar
Emanuele Cossu - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music SRL


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