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Famous Last Words - Council Of The Dead

Famous Last Words
Council Of The Dead
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 18 October 2014, 6:09 AM

Core is a genre that you can love it or you can hate it, I don’t really know people that their position is in the middle. Personally, I have a really big place for old school Core bands, but lately I became more and more interested in the new wave of Core bands like WHILE SHE SLEEPS & BURY TOMORROW, but less in bands that already there like ASKING ALEXANDRIA and OF MICE & MEN.

In the list of the promising bands comes the band FAMOUS LAST WORDS. The band from Michigan formed in 2010 and already managed very well in a short time, when they published 3 EPs and one official album. A year after the release of her debut album, "Two Faced Charade", the band is already releasing her second full album that called "Council Of The Dead".

Personally, I first heard this band in the album's title song, "Council Of The Dead", is the song that because of him I told to myself that I just have chosen to review this band.  The song reminds me why fell in love in Core music, and it's not because of the screams or the growls, its not because of the addictive choruses, it's because that its reminds how simple music is and we don’t have to make a long songs or an hard guitar solos to make an sophisticated song, all we need is to make the song that is fun enough to be possible to be connected to it.

"The Fog" is more dramatic, slower and personal than the first one. I am not really going to expand about the story of the song but the band doing a good job in telling the drama of the story in the song. "Hell In The Headlights" is getting away from what the band did and become more epic and hybrid. The song has a killer chorus and amazing bridge that saves the song but in some other parts the song is too complicated with himself and its making a little mess.

"Brothers In Arms" makes up for the previous song and he is much more fast and mainly fun. One of the best and the most fun songs in the album and I am thinking that it will be very fun song in concerts. But nothing prepared me for " The Killing Zone", one of the heaviest song in the album and even reminds me of Deathcore, it's not some genius masterpiece and reminds me of the earlier BRING ME THE HORIZON songs, keeping the music fun but that’s it. But this is the opposite from "Fading Memories", a genius and emotional song with a killer chorus and amazing vocals skills.

From where the previews track ended, starts "Entity", great and dramatic instrumental song that connected to the best track in the album who is "The Uprise". The song is full in so many layers and in so many stories that I almost got confused, and in the good way. I thinking that in this song the band invested more than any song in the album.

In the mainstream ballad position coming "My Life Before My Eyes". The song starts nice, but full in so many elements from Pop and Pop Rock that its really hard to feel and connect to it. "One In The Chamber" starts with violins and for one moment I hoped that the band start to be epic and hybrid again. The bottom line, it’s a very good song but has got a weak chorus.

From the first song we can hear that this is a good album, we also can see the big investment of the band and how they are working at a crazy pace and I am thinking that with this attitude, we will hear a lot more of this band in the future. But the problem is that the band went too rush to release this album, I am thinking that if the band could invest more time in the weak songs in the album, they could do an excellent album.

But, the band members are very talented and I am thinking that we need to follow them because they got a big potential to become a monster like the bands that I mentioned in the beginning and maybe even bigger than them.

4 Star Rating

1. Letter To The Council
2. Council Of The Dead
3. The Fog
4. Hell In The Headlights
5. Brothers In Arms
6. The Killing Zone
7. Fading Memories
8. Entity
9. The Uprise
10. My Life Before My Eyes
11. One In The Chamber
12. The End Of The Beginning
Mathew Bell– Bass
Tyler  Myklebust– Guitar
Craig Simons– Drums
JT– Vocals
Record Label: InVogue Records


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Edited 11 June 2023

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