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Fanttasma - Another Sleepless Night Award winner

Another Sleepless Night
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 07 October 2013, 7:45 PM

Another masterpiece coming from Brazil!

FANTTASMA is a project of Rafael Augusto Lopes (former member of TORTURE SQUAD) and Thiago Andrade (vocalist from DEADLY CURSE), but if you all will hear this album, in search of something that reminds of their works, forget that.

FANTTASMA is a band that focuses their work in a more Avant-Garde Metal, mixing influences of what some can call Post Black Metal with earlier Doom Metal, creating something more experimental, pulsing with life, and original, no doubt about this. Harsh and clean vocals arising in changing ways, dense and intricate guitar riffs, bass and drums with good technique and showing a heavy weight work, so, expect something that you never heard before.

The sound production works is done by Rafael himself, showing a very clear sound and never raw. But, at the same time, it’s heavy in a way that no Metalhead will question the band’s work, and in the sense of bring heavy, it favors the depressive climate of the CD, respecting all the elements of their music. The artwork, done by Carlos Cananéa, focus on the Expressionism, an art movement that appeared in the beginning of 20th century in Germany. In terms of music, I must say it again: it’s a complex and different work, far away from anything that Rafael and Thiago had done in previous works, so, prepare yourself.

The great highlights are “Corona” (a complex track with excellent guitar riffs and drums work, sometimes remembering old KATATONIA in “Brave Murder Day” era), “The Passing of Nibirus” (well worked track, with more dark, heavy and dense tempos, contrasting with the harsh and clean voices), “Metropolis” (where we can feel a more aggressive approach), the surprising “The Night Fever” (hear the beauty of the saxophone inserted in the track) and “Life is War” (with a more “bluesy” touch, with special participation of Fernanda Lima from NERVOSA in clean female voices, and Áscaris from IMPERIUM INFERNALE in the harsh vocals). But all tracks are fine, you can confirm this.

Well, all that’s left to say is: FANTTASMA is one of the greatest Brazilian revelations of this year, and will surprise everyone a lot.

Oh, I almost forgot: you all can hear the CD at

5 Star Rating

1. Corona
2. The Passing of Nibirus
3. Metropolis
5. The Night Fever
5. Life is War
6. Faith in Vengeance
7. Seven Valleys
Thiago Andrade – Vocals
Rafael Augusto Lopes – Guitars and bass
Rafael Galbes – Drums

Fernanda Lira – Female clean vocals on “Metropolis” and “Life is War” (guest musician)
Áscaris – Harsh vocals on “The Passing of Nibirus”, “Metropolis”, “The Night Fever”, “Life is War”, and “Faith in Vengeance” (guest musician)
Daniel Wergan – Clean male vocals on “The Passing of Nibirus”, “The Night Fever”, and “Seven Valleys” (guest musician)
Herrera – Saxophone (guest musician)
Record Label: Independent


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