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Far East Myth – Horizons

Far East Myth
by SamiiMittelstaedt at 28 July 2015, 12:23 PM

It’s hard to judge an American Death Metal. There are a lot of good bands including the most important, DEATH. Of course, we cannot judge any band or compare with DEATH. They’re an exception in their style and I would be unfair. Now, I’m here listening the first EP from the North American band FAR EAST MYTH, and I’m… confused. I begin with almost no information about the band’s line-up. I don’t know their names! But it’s ok. I’m here to judge the songs. “Horizons” is their first EP and has only two original songs and two covers. Let’s talk about it.

The first track called “Reverie” starts with a punch in your ears, it’s a good song. The production is good especially in guitars and bass. The drumming is slightly unnerving and comes across as artificial, and the vocals change between the high low harsh. The music cadence changes in the final part and reminds me of a requiem and it surprised me a lot. One of the best points in the sound is with the guitar riffs changing in certain points for acoustic guitars and I liked it a lot. If the band releases a new album I hope they could follow these steps. It gives off a progressive flair that I love. The second and last owned song is called “Kujaku Ou”, with an awesome beginning with killer riffs that made me banging and listen it loud! It’s a raw song made with anger and you can feel it when you’re listening. It surprised me like again, the cadence at the end of the track. The song makes almost dancing and I really appreciated it. That’s the difference that shines on Progressive Death Metal. The guitar is brutal and faster but he/she can make a good song with minimalistic playing when called for. Another point to them!

The third is a NOCTURNUS cover, “Neolithic” (from their first album, “The Key”). The original song is at typical breakneck speed, for you to project all your anger out of you and enjoy the song. This is a modern version, faster and more violent than the original and, man, this band had future in its style! The last one – Aaah!, it’s another cover, this time from VEKTOR, called “Black Future”. The song is more similar to the original, except some clean vocals that edge closer towards Hardcore. It’s not bad, but good, because it proves versatility of the band. The drums appeared most in this song and are pounded out wonderfully. This song showed again the anger and makes the original song newer and more in-your-face.

The Death/Thrash Metal is generally oversaturated with the same formula – harsh vocals/speed guitars and drums/more harsh vocals – but these guys move in the right direction mixing other styles and including it in their songs. They could do well to publish more info’s about themselves. What a shame for them; I’m trying to call them and compliment their work and I couldn’t do it properly, because I don’t know who they are!

4 Star Rating

1. Reverie
2. KujakuOu
3. Neolithic (Nocturnus cover)
4. Black Future (Vektor cover)
No Information Available
Record Label: Sun Chariot Records


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