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Far Plain – Human Forbidden

Far Plain
Human Forbidden
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 October 2011, 1:42 AM

With the roar of an angry lion, there is a cry to continue an ongoing journey.  It has been three years since a rather successful debut that colored with a spread of an enchanting atmosphere. That was "Portae Lucis" by the French triage of FAR PLAIN. Now this highly talented group returns with a new album that is in a way different than its predecessor named "Human Forbidden". Bearing this sort of provocative and interesting title, there is ought to be a hidden anger and a mysterious darkened aura behind the composers. From the sensation of falling leaves in the autumn season to the cold city streets of nowhere, this is the new FAR PLAIN imagery.

Musically, "Human Forbidden" took a slight turn from being emotive and harmonic while sounding heavier than before. Throughout their first steps, this band has been showing an intriguing direction of Grunge meets Hard Rock. Nonetheless, even that nice mix has gone into different areas where it was meld with a true atmospheric nature even when rather aggressive turnouts kicked in. This time it felt different as something seemed to have changed. Fortunately, things haven't gone for the worst but actually made out to be an advantage that could be a helpful friend along a “could be” great career.

The Grungy feel of the band remained yet everything turned intense whether it was displayed in the instrumental playing or the singing. FAR PLAIN surely raised the aggression meter a level up judging by their Grungy rhythms that were immersed by a sort of Metal spirit. Even the lead section of Guillaume Jockeyis more intense than before. He plays some high profile solos that resembled few notable moments of classy guitarists of various of eras. Nevertheless, FAR PLAIN haven't forgotten how to press on the right nerves when it comes to the sensitive lines. I think that these shifts, although not so ground breaking, made FAR PLAIN to become better while presenting catchy material under a heavy clouds of Grunge and Metal riffages with incredible fast and well played solo licks.

Aside from being the best out my chosen tracks, "These Sins Are Mine” wasn’t the catchiest thing around but it cracked with a wonderful flow that swept with ease. It was like listening to 3 DOORS DOWN yet a little tougher and with attached solos. "Butterflies Take Their Time" is the muscle of the album. There is a definite ALICE IN CHAINS vibe on this one. It is an amazing experience, it was so close to that early 90s self-titled classic. FAR PLAIN wrote a well deserved track that screams of the unknown. "Until The Sun Goes Down" had me remembering the early album's opening. In comparison to the early hit, this one was more of an equal foe. This is a design of a cool catchy track, a little rough than before yet it was swift and enjoyable. "Distance In Your Eyes" was pretty much like the previous I mentioned but with an interesting, spiritual like, C part.

"Human Forbidden" is an interesting release by a talented group. Their musical diversities made almost every track to be a surprise, well at least part of them.

4 Star Rating

1. Until the Sun Goes Down
2. World's a Rotten Apple
3. Live Stronger
4. D.H.V
5. Butterflies Take Their Time
6. I've Burnt the Letter
7. Orgasmic Junky
8. Tired
9. These Sins Are Mine
10. One More Crush
11. Distance in Your Eyes
12. Tired (Electric Version) 
Guillaume Jockey– Guitar / Bass
Fred Beauvais- Drums
Will Attewell- Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: New Genesis Records


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