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Fargo – Constellation

by Dave Nowels at 03 July 2018, 12:45 PM

“Constellation” is the fifth album from Germany’s FARGO, and was released on May 25th by Germany’s Steamhammer/SPV Records. FARGO is a band that has been putting out Classic Hard Rock since 1979. The songs on “Constellation” sound as if they would be right at home played on any local classic rock station, or at any local bar or pub for that matter. FARGO could easily be sent out on the road successfully touring with a band like BLACKBERRY SMOKE, or GOV’T MULE, and easily grow their fan base as a result. It’s odd to hear a German musician like Peter Ladwig and Arndt Schultz pulling off impressive classic Southern Rock style solos on guitar, slide and all.

“Constellation” opens with “Step Back” It’s catchy, well played and fun. “Leave It” the album’s first single is up next, and somewhat surprisingly, it’s one of my least favorite tracks. The lyrics are plain silly and despite the great tune, it falls short for me. Next up is “Mind Your Own Business”, and we’re back to catchy fun songs. I think this song would have made a much better single.

Unfortunately, “Buzz Buzz” falls into the same pitfalls as “Leave It” for me. A song about a pesky flying insect, “Buzz Buzz” just brings the flow of the album to a halt with the head scratching lyrics. Thankfully, even despite more cringe worthy lyrics, “Cross To Bear” manages to get us mostly back on track.  It has a slow, bluesy pace, and is highlighted by one of Ladwig’s best solos. The band is as tight and plays as well as any band you’ll hear.  Knorn is all over the place with his bass runs, yet every note seems to be right where it should be. The remainder of the album continues the theme of Classic Rock Radio sounding staples, all highlighted by Ladwig’s unique vocal approach and competent fretwork.

There’s nothing exceptionally flashy here, and despite some continued eye rolls over the lyrics, I actually enjoyed “Constellation”.  As I’ve surmised before, I think some of the European based bands struggle lyrically translating to English. It’s a shame really. The musicianship on this album is outstanding. I just wish the songs were built on better lyrics.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Step Back
2. Leave It
3. Mind Your Own Business
4. Loser’s Blues
5. Buzz Buzz
6. Cross To Bear
7. Don’t Talk
8. Southern Breeze
9. Boozie Vivianne
10. What’s Wrong
11. Goddess Of Destiny
12. Good Night
Peter Ladwig – Vocals and Guitar
Arndt Schultz – Guitar
Peter Knorn – Bass
Nicolas Fritz – Drums
Frank “Franky” Tolle –Drums (Special guest appearance)
Record Label: Steamhammer/SPV


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