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Farsot - IIII (CD)

by Yiannis Doukas at 17 December 2007, 11:03 AM

A new band, FARSOT, offers their debut via Lupus Lounge a sub-label of Prophecy Productions, a label that is doing a nice work with the presentation of their bands. These Germans after the 042103freitod demo in 2004 recorded seven songs that follow a thematic core, but unfortunately the complete lack of my German knowledge - together with the absence of the lyrics - made me to have not idea of what is talking about. Probably it is the loss of a close person and the feelings that follows this, but I'm not sure.
IIII contains four songs, the Thematik tracks, while the others are like intros for them, reminding ambient noise, close to Cold Meat Industry's bands - OK, not so good like you are thinking. FARSOT's music is complete;y melodic with happy riffing themes - like Swedish Black Metal bands - that are not bad but not able to produce  the feelings and the Black Metal 'breath' that the band wants, according to their lyrics and the layout. Let me explain (for not misunderstanding me): I prefer and I want Black Metal music as it enters into my soul to tear it apart, to destroy me, to disappear the thought, the reason and have a smell of evil, with ugly sonic vibrations that are able to ruin my mood.
FARSOT's music is just music for fun, good for headbanging, probably nice for live act and - generally - proper to have a good time. In some moments they are a rip-off of old KATATONIA ('till Brave Murder Day). I love the Sweds very much, and if I wanna hear something close allow me to listen to them. Generally speaking, the best moments is the first song and very few things from the third. Except these highlights, I cannot find something other special keeping my attention in. The seventh's song length is about 20 minutes and I think it is too much for their possibilities, but - on the other hand - I can't ignore some emulous efforts from the singer that are destroyed from the happy - happy guitars.
I recognize that my head is empty, my ears are rotten and for this reason I cannot prevent you from checking them. If I see it from only music's point of view, they are good.

3 Star Rating

Hass - Angst
Angst - Tod
Tod - Trauer
10.XIXt - Voices
3818.w - Strings
Pi:1T 5r - Strings
v.03/170 - Pulse
R 215k - Drums
Record Label: Lupus Lounge


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