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Fatal Impact - Esoteria

Fatal Impact
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 22 April 2013, 1:25 PM

FATAL IMPACT began their musical career a decade ago. They had the chance to spread the word all over Norway. After releasing their debut album in 2008 "Law Of Repulsion", "Esoteria" steps in to continue their influence.

It was hard for me to tag their style, it's not a pure Heavy Metal, I found it to be more a Heavy Metal release, but quite darkened. A great example for that are "The Blind Man's Eye" and "A New Are", with the keyboards work, along with the heavy riffing and guitar sound that seems to fit to the newer Metal category. Nice opening for "View To Hell" with a very melodic part by the guitar. Actually I think this is one of the greatest tracks here, very dynamic with all the riff changes throughout the song. "The Final Solace" has a powerful energy especially in the chorus when there is a second channel of the high end singing.

Although I felt that the album is little bit suffering from lack of energy, there was more to it. "Verity Of Splendor" is one of the examples that I felt that the song isn't taking me to anywhere or "Where The Alders Grow" which I understood after 1:30 and there was nothing that could surprise me. I think that the songs have a huge potential but maybe if there was a new processing, better writing, they could have been much better. Mainly the album is flat and isn't going nowhere.

3 Star Rating

1. Estoria
2. A New Era
3. Where The Alders Grow
4. Silent December
5. End Time Theater
6. The Blind Man's Eye
7. The Arrival
8. A View To Hell
9. Under The Stars
10. The Final Solace
11. Verity Of Splendor
12. Funeral
Jørn Øyhus - Vocals & Guitar
Per Anders Olsen - Guitar
Sondre Svendsen – Drums
Record Label: Nadir Music


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