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Fatal Mutiny - Existence In Extinction

Fatal Mutiny
Existence In Extinction
by Matt Coe at 23 June 2014, 12:54 PM

Active since 2010, the Thrash quartet FATAL MUTINY reside in Greece, and as a four piece possess a lot of aggression and strong playing ability on this debut album “Existence in Extinction”. It’s apparent right from the start of “Bloodlust” that the subtle elements showcase plenty of rehearsing on their respective instruments: killer stop/ start transitions, loads of melodic hooks and interesting riff/ tempo choices that keep this 6:44 arrangement very engaging.

When the band choose to go full bore on the up-tempo gallop trail, such as the follow up “Abandon All Hope”, you feel the balance between say a newer act like WARBRINGER and a couple of the classic templates from KREATOR or SACRIFICE, while guitarist Dimitris Nikou uses a rapid fire, almost Phil Anselmo –like sandpaper scream to roar through the words. The title track showcases the guitars and bass performing in a triple tier, MAIDEN meets SLOUGH FEG / VEKTOR manner, a boatload of killer intricacy going on amidst the normal crushing thrash action as well as some outer space, neo-classical meets jazzy breaks going on for bassist Christos Drakos beyond the conventional axe antics.

The album has a good mix of shorter, compact songs that just get in and deliver their message potently and then FATAL MUTINY throws in the occasional sprawling arrangement through “Ligeia” at 8:34 where we get some prolonged semi-progressive Power Thrash instrumental action that people into HEATHEN/ FLOTSAM AND JETSAM should dig. The solos aren’t all shred-a-thons, the drumming has a solid thump and this quartet knows more than their adequate share of fill tricks.

In my opinion, the only area that needs to be improved upon would be the vocals – I much prefer a singer who can mix in some powerful, melodic parts during the verses and also use the screaming as another dynamic element to their approach. Overall, “Existence in Extinction” is a high quality effort for those who like a little more intricacy in their conventional thrash sound.

4 Star Rating

1. Bloodlust
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Existence in Extinction
4. Damage Decontrolled
5. Figure of God
6. Lament of the Soul
7. Closing In…Time Is Gone
8. Ligeia
9. Hostile Vortex
Dimitris Nikou – Vocals, Guitars
Kostas Rigatos – Guitars
Christos Drakos – Bass
Christos – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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