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Fatal Embrace - Dark Pounding Steel (CD)

Fatal Embrace
Dark Pounding Steel
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 March 2007, 9:39 AM

In August, 2001 me and Panos travelled to Germany in order to attend the annual Wacken Open Air festival (the 'mother' of all Metal fests, be it?). Two crucial facts did I discover upon my return to Greece: a) how can someone drink 666 beerz a day without feeling sick enough (afterwards) to enter the local hospital (or sanitarium), b) how the hell this German metalheads achieve having sleeveless jean jackets completely full of pins, patches etc? Today I can rest assured knowing FATAL EMBRACE were present at this - and any other - German fest.
Spikes, jeans and leather were a 'must' outfit for many Power/Speed/Thrash Metal bands. In our 'gay Metal' days it is too 'retro' to see such dressing. Is it? FUCK YOU, IT'S NOT! Obviously, FATAL EMBRACE - when they started off in 1993 in Berlin, Germany -were dedicated in reviving the glorious 80s Speed/Thrash days of European Metal; the quintet - initially named as NOSFERATU - assaulted various stages for live holocausts, expanding their repute in Central Europe. A couple of demo tapes etc were promising enough for their 'extreme' style but it was not until 1999 the first 'proper' release was let loose. I easily remember The Ultimate Aggression's impact in my ears back then; an ass-kicking Speed/Thrash Metal onslaught you cannot believe!
Not familiar with the Legions Of Armaggeddon follow-up (2002) I was happy to see a new FATAL EMBRACE album (came in a little bit late, I see). To cut a long story short, Dark Pounding Steel sees these German warriors not letting off at all. Maniac speeds, aggressive guitars, evil vocals…yeah, you'll by far recognize the goals of SLAYER when they released their infamous Show No Mercy debut opus back in 1983, plus DEATH in their Scream Bloody gore archetypal 1987 debut. Meaning: on-the-edge Speed/Heavy/Thrash/(pre) Death Metal played as vicious and primitively as possible. Further resemblance guides the listener to the likes of (old) SODOM, ASSASSIN (what a great band this was!), DESTRUCTION (of course!) and (old) KREATOR (mainly in their 'bridges' songs' parts plus some Mille-like singing st times). FATAL EMBRACE have melted the above bands' albums and it is obvious they need nothing more than re-creating this 'past times' atmosphere in an album of equal killer tunes. Really, for old-school thrashers this album is a must. It could easily by released back in 1984-5, I guess. An extra 'proof' is given by mentioning the band does a wonderful remake of the cult DEATH classic Evil Dead.
FATAL EMBRACE can remind you why Metal music is (supposed to be) evil and 'harsh'. Hope I'll soon see them on stage; they must kick major 'raw' ass, I think. What a wonderful year e.g. 1986 was for Euro Thrash music…

3 Star Rating

Born In Blasphemy
Don/t Sacrifice My Soul
Storming In My Mind
Evil Dead
Beyond The Bridge Of Death
Dammned Will Be Thy Name
And The Evil Walks Your Way
In Black Years Of Pain
Dark Pounding Steel
Ronald - Bass
Heilander - Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Moloch - Guitar
Thale - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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