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Fate - V (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 11 May 2006, 12:43 AM

I don't fully remember the first reactions back in 1985/1986 when the debut Fate album was released. Simply entitled as Fate, the mumble about the band's name and the assumptions for the relation to one of Denmark's top Metal acts of all time were way ahead of the music itself. Sad but true. 'Metal gossip' existed years ago and - during certain times - was even more 'sharp' and sarcastic.
Danish Hard rockers Fate took shape in the face of (then) 'fugitive' Mercyful Fate guitar wizard Hank Shermann in 1984. Peter Steincke (bass) was the first one to join a camp willing to follow a path rather different from the (then, again) so far Mercyful Fate approach. Hence, Fate turned their songwriting requirements to the landscape of Scandinavian AOR/Hard Rock music. Four albums followed this 'corporation', even if Shermann left the his band prior to the release of Cruisin' For A Bruisin' (1989). Further lineup changes included the recruitment of vocalist Per Henriksen (now credited as Per Johansson) for the making of 1991's Scratch N Sniff album. Afterwards, little or no news was heard on Fate. On the contrary, Frank Shermann developed a second career with Danish monsters Mercyful Fate while he now crafts art with Force Of Evil.
Fifteen years of absence from the circuit would mean a lot for a band's comeback. Performing at the German Deep Impact Festival in 2004, the Johansson/Steincke/Hoff trio added drummer Micke Kvist to its ranks and - via MTM Music, responsible for two Fate CD re-releases recently - offers the latest V album. Tommy Hansen (who did Scratch N Sniff back in 1990, has also worked with Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT) does again a marvelous job in terms of production. To the music itself, V features a set of good Hard Rockin' tunes with common ideas and guitar work, while the 'wild' vocals of Johansson create mixed emotions. In half the songs they are rather suitable, offering high dozes of adrenaline while at most 'sentimental' tunes he sounds a little bit 'overloaded' (as if he's the cousin of ex-Metal Church frontman David Wayne - RIP or Udo). Scanning for similarities, the music is based (more or less) on the Fate tradition - maybe a more 'harsh' approach - while fans of bands in the likes of Treat or Dalton will certainly enjoy this disc.
On second thought, the vocal style of Johansson may be the crucial factor for this album's 'taste' as far as your ears are concerned. Thus, try to get a glimpse for starters and then decide. Personally, I like his powerful addition to these catchy rockin' tunes (omit e.g. the unsuitable Life ballad), but I don't know how many fans will share the same feeling. Add a point, if you do.

3 Star Rating

Heaven's Crying Too
Everything About You
Nobody Loves You The Way I Do
Burned Child
I'll Get By
Memories Won't Die
Per Johansson - Vocals
Peter Steincke - Bass
Soren Hoff - Guitars
Micke Kvist - Drums
Record Label: MTM Music


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