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Fateful Finality - Mankind

Fateful Finality
by Stew Metallion Taylor at 08 November 2017, 5:23 AM

Founded in 2007 and from Weil der Stadt in Germany, FATEFUL FINALITY delivers self-proclaimed “Skull-splitting Thrash Metal". Now on their third full length album, the band started off in 2006 with the EP “Space 21”. The line-up is still the same apart from a change on the drum stool. You could say the band is committed to their sound and loyal thrashers, sticking to a similar formula across the releases.

The album proceeds with a nursery rhyme twinkle of keys and a slow melodic riff with “Intro”. We know this is the calm before the storm of first full track “Autonomous”. Pounding drums and jagged riffing ensues in the style of KREATOR. Vocals are clean in Thrash rather than Death tones. It is impressive and strong, I really like the duel vocals from Patrick Prochiner and Simon Schwarzer. The band is tight as hell and they have graduated from the modern Thrash school with honors. They are a combo of old school style mixed in with the modern tightness and precision of the likes of MACHINE HEAD and newer stuff such as HAVOK. There is also a German tone in the guitars. It’s funny how German bands have a certain tone. “Forsaken” thrashes away and then breaks down into an eerie slow section before kicking back in with headbanging riffage. Good thrashing sounds.

“Savage” is a bit different with a down tuned groove riff and more of a modern American Metal feel. This is a standout track with its groove and a breakdown drum section with a heavy SUICIDAL TENDENCIES vibe. The duel vocals stand out again in screaming tandem proclaiming they are savages. These are strong sounds and this will kick ass live. The playing has a steely precision with duel guitar and vocals accompanied by a brutal rhythm section. The album is a relentless pounding of Thrashness. When produced this well, it sounds great, if a little predictable, but that’s what you get from the Thrash believers preaching to Thrash disciples. More Thrash is good and “Thrash til Death” is their motto.

On the final track, “Plaque In The Rain” the band decides to sign off with a gentle moment. They’ve paid their Thrash dues on the first thirteen tracks so now let’s throw in a chill down moment. Flowing acoustic guitars in a flamenco style combine with a story of fallen friends or soldiers. A nostalgic story of bravery but without recognition. This is a decent Rock ballad and shows off another side to FATEFUL FINALITY.

Apart from the final diversion, “Mankind” is loyal to the Thrash code. What sets this band apart are the duel vocals and guitars. Relentless, raging collections of Thrash can be low on memorability between songs. With two vocalists, it allows a bit of variation in the chorus and verse sections. The band is tight as hell and the sound production is great. Thrashers will love this. As a Thrash fan, I would say this is a quality release. As a general Metal fan, I would say there could be a bit more variation in the tracks for a full conversion to the band.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Autonomous
3. Now More Than Ever
4. Mouth Plug Money
5. Blind Eyes
6. Forsaken
7. Killed Alive
8. Savage
9. Deadpan
10. Fear Of The Unknown
11. Soil Soaked Blood
12. The Evil In Man
13. Rampage
14. Plaque In The Rain
Patrick Prochiner- Vocals, Guitars
Simon Schwarzer- Vocals, Guitars
Phillip Murder- Bass
Mischa Wittek- Drums
Record Label: Fastball Music


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Edited 01 February 2023

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