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Father Merrin - All Is Well Ends In Hell

Father Merrin
All Is Well Ends In Hell
by Shaun "The Music Junky" Schwanke at 19 August 2014, 7:39 PM

FATHER MERRIN is a French Doom Metal outfit that was born in 2009.  The sound borrows equally from Doom, Stoner Metal, Hard Rock, and even a dash of Punk.  The debut four track EP “All Is Well That Ends In Hell” was in the works for a few years before being brought to fruition in 2013.

The opening standout track “Hellride” kicks in sludgy, slow, and heavy.  The Doom Metal elements are clearly present in this track with the lead singer whaling away in a low almost monotone style.  The drumming and bass lines are sparse in their arrangement as you would come to expect from a slow moving brooder. However about midway through the pace picks up and the track takes a more Stoner Metal turn before returning to the doom-laden slow burn that kicked off the track.

“Dawn Of The Sixth Day” is the second track, which is nearly instrumental with the exception of some whispered vocals throughout.  I can’t help but hear the early DANZIG influences throughout this song.  And of course with a name such as FATHER MERRIN what album would be complete without samples taken from The Exorcist movie.  “Lord Of Mercy” does just that. Opening with a plodding repetitive motif while the heavier vocals bark out lines with attitude.  Once again about midway through there is a tempo change, and a turn toward a more Punk style arrangement with heavier vocals.  This is also where the aforementioned Exorcist samples come in filling some space, and breaking up the monotony of the song.

Finishing out this 25 minute EP is “The Albigensian Crusade.”  This track slowly builds an eerie tension before breaking into another round of Stoner Metal.  Midway through the song features an organ, which dually lends itself to a slightly darker atmosphere while once again breaking up the somewhat repetitious theme throughout.  Although FATHER MERRIN has some brief moments of genius occasionally throughout this EP most of it seemed to just plod along never really developing into anything more than average Stoner/Doom Metal.

2 Star Rating

1. Hellride
2. Dawn of the Sixth Day
3. Lord of Mercy
4. The Albigensian Crusade
A - Guitar
J - Vocals
S - Bass
The Unknown - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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