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Fathom Farewell – Consume The Earth

Fathom Farewell
Consume The Earth
by Brad Pfundheller at 10 October 2019, 10:37 PM

New England Metalcore band FATHOM FAREWELL has dropped their EP titled “Consume The Earth” independently after 2017’s EP “Decomposition”. You might have seen these guys play at Vans Warped Tour in the Boston area over the years, and they have also shared the stage with many well-known Metalcore bands such as THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and EMMURE as well. They have already accomplished a lot and have made a name for themselves in the Northeast since their formation in 2014.

The EP kicks off with “Six Feet Beneath” and right away you can tell these guys have a lot of talent as a quintet. The guitar licks, and melodies along with the BREAKING BENJAMIN style vocals make this song a great intro track to the EP. “Consume The Earth” feels like it picks up right where the first track left off. Palm muted verses, and guitar chugging is what is mostly heard throughout this song. The introduction to “Wide Awake” sounds a lot like the intro to “Consume The Earth”. This song has a really great groove that’s heard throughout. Other than that nothing else really stands out in this song.

“Mutiny” kicks it up a notch with a faster pace setting for the song and starts out with aggressive style vocals unlike the other songs on the EP that start with clean vocals. The double kick pedal is what I think is the highlight of this song. The clean vocals in the chorus help give this track a nice balance with the aggressive verses. “Cold Beginnings” starts out real slow with calming guitar chords until the distortion comes in. The guitar work in this one is nearly flawless and the pace of the song seems to stay the same. The final track on the EP “Soul Within The Shadow” reminds me a lot of the late 2000’s genres just with the vocals and the way they carry the verses into the chorus. Which there is nothing wrong with that, I enjoyed this song the most out of the rest on the EP.

All in all, I have to say that a lot of the tracks on “Consume The Earth” sounded very repetitive to me. They have a nice sound and the instruments flow really well together and they have a lot of catchy parts. The vocals throughout demonstrate a lot of range, but I believe with more work in the near future they could use their talents to blow people away. I just wasn’t blown away with this album.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Six Feet Beneath
2. Consume The Earth
3. Wide Awake
4. Mutiny
5. Cold Beginning
6. Soul Within The Shadow
Alex Cohen – Vocals
Gage Killion – Guitar
Steve Almon – Bass
Casey Albiero – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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