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Faustian - Faustian

by Ricardo Casagrande at 30 December 2022, 4:00 AM

FAUSTIAN is a death/black metal trio from south Louisiana. All three members are from a band called BARGHEST that has also been active as a band since 2005. This EP has been in the works from the newly formed trio for a while now, as they have said to have taken their time trying to meticulously craft their riffs and songwriting. The EP was mixed and mastered by James Whitten who has worked with the likes of EYEHATEGOD and HIGH ON FIRE.

The opening track “Threshold” is basically nothing but slightly audible atmospheric noise that leads into the song “Birth of Apparitions”. The band apart from some slow building moments, create a constant sense of chaos with some punishing machine gun-like drums. Not much of a black metal element in this song, just some sludgy guitars with menacing vocals. A pure and brutal death metal track. The next song “Communion With Shadows” has much of the same elements of the first track but is more lack-luster. The guitar work is creative no matter what the tempo and the drums fill out any form of silence in between with well added rolls, but the track seems to be missing something to me. This track does have more of a black metal touch to it through the mid-tempo parts, and leaves you wanting more.

The last track on the EP is “Void Sight” and it opens with a more controlled state with melodic speed picking before being whipped into a frenzied state. The vocals cross between a grizzled roar and a faded huffing yell but match well with the riffs. The bass comes through with a trembling twang more on this track then the others adding deep depth to the music. The song is well written and a good track but is nothing groundbreaking to the mash up of the two genres.

For a starting EP of the band, it is very good work. Keep in mind that these guys have been playing together for many years prior to starting this project, so the chemistry they have as musicians is not so surprising. The songs are well crafted and form within each other and you can sense the effort and time put into not only the tracks themselves but each individual riff and sequence. I can definitely say that I enjoyed taking the time to listen to the EP.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Threshold
2. Birth of Apparitions
3. Communion With Shadows
4. Void Sight
Dallas Smith - Guitars, Vocals
Troy Bennett - Bass, Vocals
Max Kimmons - Drums
Record Label: Black Lion Records


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