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Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum Award winner

Fear Factory
Aggression Continuum
by John Foley at 05 July 2021, 7:17 AM

This is a band that really needs no introduction. The mighty FEAR FACTORY are here with their new album “Aggression Continuum" and what a monster of an album it is. This band have been going for about 30 years now with many classic albums in their name, albums like “Demanufacture", “Obsolete”, “Archetype" and “ Mechanize" to name a few. With the album “ Demanufacture" it was so far ahead of its time when released that most modern bands struggle to keep up with it. But with “Aggression Continuum" it also features the last vocal performance from co-founder and lead singer Burton C. Bell.

The albums opens with the track “Recode" which opens with a spoken word section of machines taking over, which is kind of like the plot to THE TERMINATOR movies. A sick guitar riff and drums then hit and the song kicks off. The synth lines here adds a sinister vibe to it. With the vocals there are a lot aggression which then switches for a very melodic chorus. The double bass off of the drums just pounds away as we get some killer grooves and very heavy breakdown.

After that one we have the first single that was released from the album with “Disruptor". Right from the start we get this groove that gets you moving and this one is a real circle pit starter. Completed with a big chorus as the band sounds on top form through out. The breakdown hits and beats you right in the face, this is a great song. We then come to the title track “Aggression Continuum” with a synth intro to set the tone. The band then comes crashing in with so much aggression and some great industrial rhythms that sound inhuman. The vocals here really carry the chorus and the middle section nicely builds for a final assault.

Another song released from the album early is “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" and right from the start you can hear that the drums and guitars are in perfect sync. The vocals here really command the track with its lyrical themes of a lost faith in humanity. It has a chorus you can really sing along with and the synths raise the song from the darkness and a cinematic sequence for its outro. This is a monster of a song.

Another great one to check out is “Cognitive Dissonance”. This opens with some sinister sounding synth effects. The drums then lead the way as a guitar riff thunders by. The drums pound away as the guitars and vocals add melody to the chorus. The breakdown is just killer. Through out this one vocalist Burton C. Bell. is really at his best. Last song on the album and we have “End of Line" and you know these guys are going to go out leaving you wanting more. A really heavy groove starts things off with the vocals taking command once again. We get a very memorable chorus here as the song sounds like the beast within the machine. A very quiet and melodic middle section that is quite beautiful comes along which then builds back up to that big chorus. The outro gives a sense that the machines have taken over while also very cinematic. The song marks the end of a post apocalyptic journey with a great line with “Fear is the mind killer, only I will remain".

From listening to “Aggression Continuum” you can really hear that this is going to be up there with some of FEAR FACTORY’S other classic albums as it is some of their best work in years. This has everything a FEAR FACTORY fan like me would want, filled with killer grooves and great guitar riffs and pounding drums with their signature industrial sound with synths adding to create an atmosphere. The vocals here are top notch. It’s almost bittersweet listening to this album as it is the last that will feature vocalist Burton C. Bell and whoever they get to replace him has some very big boots to fill.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Musicianship: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Recode
2. Disruptor
3. Aggression Continuum
4. Purity
5. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
6. Collapse
7. Manufactured Hope
8. Cognitive Dissonance
9. Monolith
10. End of Line
Burton C. Bell – Vocals
Dino Cazares – Guitars
Tony Compos – Bass
Mike Heller – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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