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Fear Not - Fear Not (Reissue)

Fear Not
Fear Not (Reissue)
by Saxon Davids at 08 February 2018, 10:07 AM

US Christian hard rock band FEAR NOT released their heavy-hitting debut self-titled album in 1992 and received a lot of praise for their true hard rock sound and attitude, however with the Hard Rock scene being overshadowed by new Grunge artists, the band would eventually fade away after just the one record along with the original label "Pakaderm Records". But now 25 years later with the album buried in obscurity, we are now blessed with a re-issue not only for CD but for Vinyl as well! And with two previously unreleased bonus tracks! So let's turn the clock a quarter of a century and dig in to this record!

Right off the bat with "Give it Up", we get a stomping late 80's style hard rock riff which gets you pumping and the lyrics "Hey, Mr. Attitude" sets the ballsy and confident tone for the entire album! A great song full of groovy riffs and a big chorus, loaded with catchy hooks throughout the song already giving me a great feeling about this record! It's very apparent that these guys take influence from iconic bands such as SKID ROW and MOTLEY CRUE, but there's something unique about FEAR NOT that really draws me in, I'm not usually too into this style of hard rock but with this band I can really dig what they do!

There's something different about every track which keeps you interested and hooked in from start to finish, there's even a really cool funk-like section in "Money Money" with a DJ disc scratch sound over it which gives me a strong MORDRED vibe! From the punchy and heavy choruses in tracks like "Easy Come Easy Go" and "Mad World" to the anthemic and angelic choruses of "Till The End Of My Days" and "Mr. Compromise" and the uplifting ballad "Take Hold", this is an album to keep you moving and singing along to the strong voice of Larry Worley from start to finish! The two bonus tracks on this re-release are actually two of my favourites on the album as well, the production is a little rawer than the original album but I feel that actually works in the bands favour and adds more dirt to the heavy and infectious riffs in these two tracks! The vocals are also a little grittier in these two tracks and it adds so much more attitude to them, seriously great additions to an already killer album! Old school fans should pick up this re-release for sure, and being limited to only 500 vinyl and 500 CD's, I suggest you snatch these up quickly for your collection, you do not want to miss out on an album like this!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Give It Up
2. We Have A God
3. Mr. Compromise
4. Till The End Of My Days
5. Suicide Sunshine
6. Money Money
7. Easy Come Easy Go
8. There Is Love
9. Mad World
10. Take Hold
11. You Got Love (Bonus Track)
12. Love Is Alright (Bonus Track)
Larry Worley - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Howell - Guitar
Rod Romero - Bass
Gary Hanson - Drums
Record Label: Roxx Productions


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Edited 01 June 2020

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