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Fear Factory - Mechanize

Fear Factory
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 February 2010, 5:02 PM

It all started when Dino Cazares left the band when the two "camps" started attacking each other with not so human and professional statements. Cazares was accusing the band for the shitty music they played as he claimed etc. Then, we had Cazares hanging out with Bell, even though he stated that there was no way that FEAR FACTORY would reunite and they were just good friends (once again). About a year later, we learn that FEAR FACTORY are a strong unit once again and they announce their first festival appearances…

After all of this marketing based "movie", the only thing that is left for us, metalheads, is the poor and tortured music. Let’s hope that something good came out. The outcome is named "Mechanize" and it surely a really good piece of work from the masters of industrialized Metal. Well, it seems something good came out!

"Mechanize" shows us FEAR FACTORY’s murderous intentions right from the start. The album’s title track is a damn good mix of aggressiveness and the classic weird melodies they always featured. The band’s brand new full-length work moves in the classic FEAR FACTORY patterns, filled with incredible riffs by the one and only Dino Cazares, while it adds a slightly catchier approach to the music. I guess "Mechanize" is actually making FF’s music much more approachable to the average listener since this catchiness makes their complexity a bit simpler, not so simpler in order to "spoil" their music though.

It seems that Cazares found a way to unleash his brutal ideas with DIVINE HERESY and his mind was free to create a solid as fuck FEAR FACTORY album. What "Mechanize" reminded me was what MNEMIC are trying to do when they get all technical. The band has worked a lot on the album’s melodies and groove, as well as the choruses, reminding us the great moments of "Demanufacture" and surely making us forget the past 8 years full of mediocre music. Bell’s "shapeshifting" vocals are another deadly weapon in here, since he transforms from a beast to a clean vocalist in no time, painting these 10 groovy Industrial landscapes…

The sound needs no comments. I guess the rhythm section doesn’t need any, too, since we are talking about Stroud and Hoglan, two musicians that need no introduction and have proved what their twisted minds can do together with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD.

A fine sample of modern Metal (except that these guys play it for almost two decades now) ladies & gentlemen! Listen to "Mechanize" and it will drive any doubt you may have away. That’s actually what happened to me when I listened to it…

4 Star Rating

  1. Mechanize
  2. Industrial Discipline
  3. Fear Campaign
  4. Powershifter
  5. Christploitation
  6. Oxidizer
  7. Controlled Demolition
  8. Designing The Enemy
  9. Metallic Division
  10. Final Exit
Burton C. Bell - Vocals
Dino Cazares - Guitar
Byron Stroud - Bass
Gene Hoglan - Drums
Record Label: AFM/Candlelight Records


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